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      huawei-matebook-x-kv huawei-matebook-x-kv
      huawei-matebook-x huawei-matebook-x

      A 13" notebook smaller than A4 paper

      HUAWEI MateBook X is a 13" notebook smaller than A4 paper

      13-inch screen. Thin and light. Powered with Intel i7 processor. U-type processor with fanless design. Dolby Atmos Sound System The Power To Move You two-in-one power button with fingerprint recognition sensor




      Good Things Come in Small Packages

      Light, powerful, beautiful, portable. Rethink the PC. Rethink your life. 13-inch screen, 12.5 mm thick, 1.05 kg. Effortlessly integrates work and life. Portable enough to change the world from anywhere you want.

      13-inch MateBook

      4.4 mm Bezel*

      *Bezel width is the distance between the edge of the screen display area and the outside border of the casing. It does not include the width of the inactive black space.


      Standout style & Portability

      Liberate yourself from time and location.
      Live and work more easily, more joyfully. Smaller than an A4 piece of paper. The new style of freedom.
      HUAWEI MateBook X
      huawei-matebook-x-bezel huawei-matebook-x-bezel huawei-matebook-x-bezel

      Live On The Edge

      HUAWEI MateBook X's 4.4 mm bezel—one of the narrowest in the world—provides an amazing 88 percent screen-to-body ratio.
      Standout style and portability.

      Minimalist Chic

      12.5 mm, 1.05 kg HUAWEI MateBook X's arced side lines trimmed with CNC diamond finishing technique make it beautiful to behold, touch and carry.
      HUAWEI MateBook X HUAWEI MateBook X HUAWEI MateBook X HUAWEI MateBook X HUAWEI MateBook X HUAWEI MateBook X

      Be Bold, Be colourful

      HUAWEI MateBook X's refined metallic body comes in three colours: space grey, rose gold and prestige gold.
      huawei-matebook-x-color huawei-matebook-x-color huawei-matebook-x-color huawei-matebook-x-color

      Be Powerful. Stay Cool.

      HUAWEI MateBook X is small yet mighty, with up to the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor delivers performance for both work and entertainment. Aerospace engineering allows HUAWEI MateBook X to stay cool—phase change material (used in the space industry) means overheating is a thing of the past.



      Hard Disk


      The Power To Move You

      HUAWEI MateBook X is powered by an up to the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i-series, U-type processor with fanless design. Sleek, silent, smooth.

      2K Display 2160 x 1440 resolution

      Dolby Atmos Sound System


      Clearly Brilliant

      HUAWEI MateBook X’s 2K display features 2160 x 1440 resolution, 100 percent sRGB colour gamut, 350-nit brightness, and 1000:1 contrast ratio. It’s Corning Gorilla Glass screen stays clear and scratch-free even for active lifestyles.

      Dolby Atmos Sound System

      Get inside the action with breathtaking audio. Dolby Atmos® Sound System makes sound come alive with richness and depth for a powerfully moving entertainment experience through Dolby designed speakers.
      huawei-matebook-x-sound-system huawei-matebook-x-sound-system huawei-matebook-x-sound-system huawei-matebook-x-sound-system huawei-matebook-x-sound-system huawei-matebook-x-sound-system huawei-matebook-x-sound-system huawei-matebook-x-sound-system

      Control At Your Fingertips

      HUAWEI MateBook X's two-in-one power button and fingerprint recognition sensor helps you boot up quickly—and safely—to operate at the speed of your life.
      huawei-matebook-x-sensor huawei-matebook-x-sensor huawei-matebook-x-sensor

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