How can I set up the Internet for my new HUAWEI router on my phone

Applicable products: HUAWEI WiFi WS318n,HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 NEW,HUAWEI WiFi AX3,HUAWEI Router A1,HUAWEI WiFi AX2,HONOR Router 3,HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 7,HUAWEI WiFi Mesh,HUAWEI WiFi WS5200((ws5200-20)),HUAWEI WiFi AX2 NEW((ws7001-22)、(ws7001-32)),HUAWEI WiFi Mesh 3,HUAWEI WiFi AX3 Pro
Applicable products:
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How can I set up the Internet for my new HUAWEI router on my phone

Your router supports broadband sharing. You can use your router to connect several household devices such as your computer, phone, tablet, laptop, or TV set-top box to the Internet with wireless or wired connections. The AI Life app is available for you to configure your router, so you do not have to configure the router by logging in to a web-based management page.

Using AI Life app

  1. Install the app: Use your phone to scan the QR code at the bottom of your router, to download and install the AI Life app.
  2. Prepare for the configuration: Connect an Ethernet cable from the WAN port of your router to a LAN port on the Internet source (such as a broadband modem or fiber-optic modem), then connect your router to a power source. Afterwards, you can connect your phone to the router's default Wi-Fi network (check the nameplate at the bottom of the router for the default Wi-Fi name, which should begin with "HUAWEI" and the Wi-Fi network is password-free).

    If the router features self-adaptive network ports, you do not need to distinguish the WAN port from the LAN port.

  3. Configure your router
    1. Open the AI Life app, touch CONFIGURE and then NEXT (skip this step if you cannot find such an option). Then touch GET STARTED.

      If no notification prompt appears, touch the Add button in the upper right corner of the app's home screen.

    2. Choose Create a Wi-Fi network (skip this step if you cannot find such an option).
    3. Follow the wizard to complete the configuration.

      Your router will automatically detect the Internet access mode for your home network.

      • If your Internet access mode is DHCP Automatically obtain IP, no further configurations are required.
      • If your Internet access mode is PPPoE Internet access mode, please kindly contact your Internet/broadband service provider to obtain Broadband account and Broadband password. Enter the Broadband account and password.
      • If your Internet access mode is Static IP, manually set the IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway, and DNS.
    4. Set your Wi-Fi name (SSID), Wi-Fi password, and Login password. Touch Advanced settings (or NEXT for some routers), and select the router configuration.

    5. Save the configuration. Then the configuration process is complete.
  4. Get your other devices online: To connect your wired devices (such as computers and TV set-top boxes) to the Internet, use an Ethernet cable to connect the devices to the LAN port on your router. For phones, tablets, and other wireless devices, connect them to your router's Wi-Fi network.
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