Screen Protection

Additional Protection to Your Screen, Safeguard Your Daily Use

  • Genuine Spare

  • Original Warranty

  • Extra Saving on
    Repair Cost

  • Convenient Repair

HUAWEI Care-Screen Protection

  • During the valid period of Screen Protection, screen damage caused by accidental falling, compressing or crashing can be replaced by original HUAWEI screen (service fee needed only).

    *The service does not apply to devices that are soaked, bent, deformed or handled/disassembled by an unauthorized service provider.
  • Genuine Spare Parts

    100% original screen,repaired by
    HUAWEI Customer Service Center.

  • Original Warranty Remains 

    You may still enjoy services offered by standard warranty after getting your screen replaced.

  • Extra Saving on Repair Cost

    Favored price to replace your screen with
    HUAWEI Care - Screen Protection.

  • Convenient Repair Experience

    HUAWEI Customer Service Centers are ready for your repair. You may also choose Free Postal Service and save yourselves the trouble of going out. The postal service fees in both ways are free.

Eligible Model and Price

Please choose your device

  • For Phone

  • For Tablet

  • For PC

How to Purchase

  • Purchase the service with new device from HUAWEI Online Store

  • Purchase the Service for your current Device using the Serial Number

  • 1. Visit HUAWEI Store

  • 2. Choose the new device and click "Buy Now"

  • 3. Choose "HUAWEI Care – Screen Protection", and click "Add"

  • 4. Confirm and submit the order

1. Visit HUAWEI Store

2. Choose the new device and click "Buy Now"

3. Choose "HUAWEI Care – Screen Protection", and click "Add"

4. Confirm and submit the order

Service Process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1 – What is HUAWEI Care – Screen Protection?
    A1 – It is extra protection for the device’s screen which includes (one time broken screen replacement during one year).
  • Q2 – Why HUAWEI – Screen Protection?
    A2 – It offers three main features:
    a- 100% Original Spare Parts.
    b- Effective cost saving.
    c- Guaranteed Quality Service.
  • Q3 – What are the features and limitation for HUAWEI – Screen Protection?
    A3 –
    a- It is applicable during (first year) from the device purchasing date.
    b- It offers customers only (one-time screen replacement during one year) from purchasing date for the accidentally damaged screen.
    c- It is applicable for selected HUAWEI devices and does not include all HUAWEI devices.
    d- Huawei care Screen Damage price is different based on the device’s Model.
    e- A replacement fee (75 AED) is required when the customers get the benefits from this service. For Mate Xs2, this replacement fee is 499 AED instead of 75 AED. this replacement fee is required to be paid for the service center.
    f- It is must be purchased within 24 hours from the device purchasing time.
》》 Click to view terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions for HUAEWI Care – Screen Protection

  • HUAWEI Care – Screen Protection provides you with a protection plan for your device’s screen which include (one replacement) to the accidentally damaged screen with low price during the (one year) from purchasing date.
  • It must be purchased within 24 hours form device purchasing time.
  • It provides users an extra protection for the screen of their devices.
  • It is applicable for (one year) starting form device purchasing date.
  • It is applicable for selected devices, you can check for the eligible devices from the above HUAWEI Care – Screen Protection official webpage, under the eligible model and price part.
  • Payment of 75 AED excluding Tax is required during the time of the Service,for Mate Xs2, 499 AED excluding tax is required during the service instead of 75 AED.
  • The prices of this service are different based on the device model.
  • A replacement fee is required when customer get benefit from this service, at the replacement time. It is required to be paid for each replacement.
  • Damaged spare parts will be replaced with 100% original spare parts, considering that the damaged spare parts will be disposed of so that they cannot be returned.
  • HUAWEI reserves the right to amend, change, or delete part of or all these terms and conditions without prior consent.
  • For more information, please contact us through the live chat via Support APP/My HUAWEI or through the hotline 80066600.