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Terms and Conditions

Introduction: This HUAWEI P60 VIP Campaign (“Campaign”) is organized by HUAWEI Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (“HUAWEI”). This Campaign will run from 8th April 2023 (GMT+8) until 14th May 2023 (GMT+8) (“Campaign Period”). HUAWEI reserves the rights to shorten or extend the Campaign Period at any time without notice.

Eligibility: This Campaign is open to all customers who are residents of Malaysia, and aged 18 years old and above as of 8th April 2023 (“Customer(s)”).

Special offers: Get an Exclusive Door Gift when you join the VIP Preview event in-store!

Number of benefits:

1. One (1) registration is equivalent to one (1) VIP access for one Customer.
2. Any gifts will be given only on the activity day itself.
3. Each Customer may only join the Campaign once all throughout the Campaign Period.
4. Registration is on a first come, first served basis
5. Only limited Customers are allowed per session

Participation steps:

1. Enter your correct email address in the specified area of the promotion page and submit successfully.
2. After submitting, you will receive an email with activity information.
3. Visit the selected HUAWEI Experience Store/Operators’ Stores on your preferred date and time.
4. Present the email to the Huawei store representative to get VIP access and a FREE Exclusive Door Gift.

Pre-order gift:

During the Campaign Period, Customers who are in attendance at the HES and have fulfilled the following criteria, are eligible to claim one (1) unit of the designated Prize for this Pre-Order Gift Event:
1. Placed a pre-order purchase with the corresponding HES, for the HUAWEI P60 Pro and/or HUAWEI Mate X3; AND;
2. Completed and made full payment of the pre-order purchase at the corresponding HES
3. The Pre-Order Gift Event will be on 11th May 2023, 10:08 AM (GMT+8) Customers must be physically present at the HES during this period in order to participate in the Pre-Order Gift Event.
4. The gifts available to be obtained under this Pre-Order Gift Event (“Gifts”) are as follows:

Gift Value of the Gift (RM)
HUAWEI Eyeware RM1099
5. All Gifts are not exchangeable for cash or item, and are non-transferable.
6. All Gifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while stocks last.
7. All Gifts available under this Campaign are not covered by any warranty.
8. Huawei Group companies assumes no liability or responsibility in respect to defect or deficiency of the Gift or the nature/consumption of the Gift and will not entertain any direct correspondence with anyone in this regard.
9. HUAWEI reserves the right to disqualify Customer that does not comply with the terms and conditions herein.


• Please make sure the entered email is correct. If you enter the wrong email address, you will not be able to receive our special email. At the same time, if you do not receive any mail from us in your inbox after correctly entering and confirming your email address, please check again later, or check the spam folder;
• If the promotion is cancelled due to unforeseeable factors (such as natural disaster, fire, flood, bad weather, government requirements, etc.), we will inform you on our official social media during promotion page. In these cases, Huawei shall not be liable for the cancellation of the promotion;
• During the epidemic period, please cooperate and comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the local government and the location when entering the store;
• For information on the protection of your data, please review our Consumer Business Privacy Statement:


1. To participate in this Campaign, the Customer also consents to the collection, use, disclosure, transfer, storage and such other processing of the personal data provided, including name, contact details, address, device details, purchase information by Huawei Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd (Huawei) for the purposes relating to the Campaign pursuant to all applicable personal data protection laws in Malaysia, including the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. Huawei will use and process the personal data provided for lawful purpose directly related to the running of this Campaign including but not limited to the purposes of promotional events, advertising, marketing and any administrative matters to facilitate the management and organizing of this Campaign. The personal data provided may further be disclosed and/or transferred to Huawei's principal head of office in China and to any of its offshore affiliates or group of companies as well as other 3rd party service provider for the purpose of facilitating and supporting Huawei based on the similar purposes stated above. Whenever Huawei discloses and/or transfers such personal data to 3rd party or outside Malaysia, Huawei will ensure that appropriate security measures are taken. Huawei will retain the personal data provided for this Campaign for no longer than is necessary for the purposes of the Campaign, unless extending the retention period is required or permitted by law. If Customers objects to the processing of personal data for the purposes stated herein, he/she cannot participate in this Campaign. For more information on how Huawei protects personal data and how you can exercise your rights to access, correct and limit the personal data provided herein, please visit and read:
Untuk mengambil bahagian dalam Kempen ini, Pelanggan dengan ini membenarkan pengumpulan, penggunaan, pendedahan, pemindahan, penyimpanan dan pemprosesan lain data peribadi yang diberikan, termasuk nama, butiran hubungan, alamat, butiran peranti, maklumat pembelian oleh Huawei Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd (Huawei) untuk tujuan yang berkaitan dengan Kempen menurut semua undang-undang perlindungan data peribadi yang terpakai di Malaysia, termasuk Akta Perlindungan Data Peribadi 2010. Huawei akan menggunakan dan memproses data peribadi yang diberikan untuk tujuan yang sah yang berkaitan secara langsung dengan perjalanan Kempen ini termasuk tetapi tidak terhad kepada tujuan promosi acara, pengiklanan, pemasaran dan sebarang urusan pentadbiran untuk memudahkan pengurusan dan penganjuran Kempen ini. Data peribadi yang diberikan mungkin selanjutnya didedahkan dan/atau dipindahkan kepada ketua pejabat utama Huawei di China dan kepada mana-mana sekutu atau kumpulan syarikat luar pesisirnya serta penyedia perkhidmatan pihak ketiga yang lain untuk tujuan memudahkan dan menyokong Huawei berdasarkan tujuan serupa yang dinyatakan di atas. Setiap kali Huawei mendedahkan dan/atau memindahkan data peribadi tersebut kepada pihak ketiga atau luar Malaysia, Huawei akan memastikan langkah keselamatan yang sesuai diambil. Huawei akan mengekalkan data peribadi yang disediakan untuk Kempen ini tidak lebih daripada yang diperlukan untuk tujuan Kempen, melainkan melanjutkan tempoh pengekalan diperlukan atau dibenarkan oleh undang-undang. Jika Pelanggan membantah pemprosesan data peribadi untuk tujuan yang dinyatakan di sini, dia tidak boleh menyertai Kempen ini. Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang cara Huawei melindungi data peribadi dan cara anda boleh menggunakan hak anda untuk mengakses, membetulkan dan mengehadkan data peribadi yang disediakan di sini, sila lawati dan baca:
2. In the event that a Customer provided false or mistaken identity or information, HUAWEI shall have the right to revoke the Customer’s eligibility to participate in this Campaign.
3. By participating in the Campaign, Customers agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions and HUAWEI’s decisions are final and binding. No correspondence or appeals will be entertained. HUAWEI reserves the right to the final and ultimate interpretation of this Campaign.
4. HUAWEI assumes no responsibility for late entries due to any reasons including, but not limited to, network transmission failure.
5. HUAWEI shall not be responsible for any losses or damages directly or indirectly incurred by any party including the Customer in connection or arising from acts or omissions or in any way related to this Campaign.
6. The Customer agrees to discharge and release HUAWEI from any liabilities and claims (including from breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause of actions at law or equity) arising out of or in any way connected to this Campaign or to the Customer’s entry in the Campaign.
7. The Customer further agrees to discharge and release any third party which is related to and connected with this Campaign from any liabilities and claims (including from breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause of actions at law or equity) arising out of or in any way connected to this Campaign or to the Customer’s entry in the Campaign.
8. Without prejudice to the foregoing and save where otherwise prohibited by law:- (i) in no event shall HUAWEI be liable to any party including the Participant for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive damages, including lost profits, howsoever remote even if such losses were foreseeable or if HUAWEI were advised of the possibility of such damages; and (ii) if HUAWEI is adjudicated by a local court of competent jurisdiction to be liable for any losses or damages arising out of or is in any way connected to this Campaign and any events therein, HUAWEI’s total liability shall in no event exceed RM50.00.
9. If Customers are discovered to be using or have used improper means to participate in this Campaign, HUAWEI reserves the right to cancel the eligibility without notice including without hesitation, the commencement of legal proceedings under the full extent of the applicable laws.
10. This Campaign and the Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.

For any questions or clarifications, please feel free to visit or call any of the participating stores.

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