1. Preface
We sincerely hope you would be satisfied with the new product. Based on laws and regulations related to the protection of consumer rights and interests in Malaysia and Huawei's policies, Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.(“Huawei”) formulates Huawei's product warranty policy, according to which you could return, replace, or repair the products.
2. Warranty services
    2.1. Warranty object and scope
    2.1.1 Mobile Broadband
    2.2. Warranty services
    2.2.1 Replacement services Replacement Period
    Within 7 days after purchasing (including 7 days), if a performance fault relates to a manufacturing defect in the product (Hardware functional fault), you can choose to replace it with the same model and specification. Replacement Guide
  1. (1) If you purchased the product in retail store, please go back to the same store to apply for replacement.
  2. (2) If you purchased the product on the online store, please apply for replacement according to the guide on the website.
  3. (3) Please back up and delete your personal data before returning the device.
  4. (4) It is recommended that you check the following list before applying for replacement:
  5. Service Type The host and accessories are complete. The packing box is complete. Invoice without altering
    2.2.2 Maintenance services Free Maintenance Period
  6. (1) Free Maintenance service of Product:
  7. a) Within warranty period from the date of purchase,if a performance fault that is not caused by human damage occurs on the host of the product, you could enjoy the free maintenance services as follows: -.
  8. Product Warranty Period* Maintenance Service mode*
    Router 12/24 months (Remarks: Based on Huawei’s system) Host replacement only
    Mobile WiFi 12 months (Remarks: Based on Huawei’s system) Host replacement only
    In-box accessories 6 months (Remarks: Based on Huawei’s system) Replacement only
  9. Remark: *Products purchased from mobile service providers may not be entitled to any warranty of Huawei. In general, all buy-out Products from mobile service providers is not entitled to any warranty from Huawei. Please check with your mobile service providers for more information. Any rights to warranty of Huawei will be based soley on the information recorded on Huawei's system.
  10. b) The product warranty starting date is subject to the day when the purchase receipt or Proof of Purchase (hereinafter referred to as POP) is issued (as recorded on Huawei’s system).
  11. c) Invoice, invoice copy, product warranty card can be used as POP. If you are unable to provide the receipt (POP), the warranty start date will be as recorded on Huawei’s system.
  12. d) For details, you could check whether the device is within the warranty period:
  13. Maintenance Guide
  14. (1) You could click the following link to query the nearest Huawei Authorised Service Center:
  15. (2) It is recommended to bring the POP when you sending the device for maintenance.
  16. (3) Please back up and delete your personal data before sending the device for maintenance.
  17. Commitment of Maintenance Quality
  18. 1) Parts of the device (i.e. battery) that is replaced under out-of-warranty repair could enjoy a limited 90 days warranty period from the date of collection of the repaired device.
  19. 2) The staff of Huawei Authorized Service Center (ASC) will communicate with you and explain the limited warranty.
    2.2.3 Non-warranty scope Non-warranty scope of the Product
  1. (1) Damage caused by transportation or loading and unloading during return or replacement or repair.
  2. (2) Any modification, disassembly, or repair without Huawei's authorization.
  3. (3) Product damage caused by accidental or man-made behaviors, such as liquid damage, falling, input unsuitable voltage, excessive extrusion, main board deformation, etc. And other phenomena are also included, for example, the power adapter is damaged, cracked, broken or deformed, and the power cable is damaged, broken or bare.
  4. (4) Product faults or damage due to improper installation, use, or maintenance, is excluded from warranty coverage.
  5. (5) Counterfeit or fake products not manufactured by Huawei (including where the product model or number on the warranty certificate is inconsistent with the physical product or the warranty certificate was altered, or where the product nameplate, SN bar code, and warranty label are removed or damaged, or cannot be identified) are excluded from warranty.
  6. (6) The product nameplate, SN bar code, and warranty label are removed or damaged, and cannot be identified.
  7. (7) The warranty period has expired.
  8. (8) Product faults or damage caused by force majeure events such as fire, earthquake, and flood, or similar events beyond the control of Huawei are excluded from warranty
  • 3. Other content statements
    1. 3.1. The preceding clauses only apply to Huawei terminal products sold in Malaysia.
      3.2. The specific models can be guaranteed in Malaysia, which refers to the notices posted on the official website.
      3.3. Huawei is not responsible for any other commitments that are not guaranteed by Huawei made by the seller to the customer.
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