HUAWEI Battery Replacement

Original Battery Replacement from RM99

  • Original

  • Lower

  • On-site

* Terms & conditions apply. For selected devices only.
** Only at participating stores, please refer to T&Cs.

A new life to your old device
Get a new original battery starting from RM99

Original Battery
Good quality, safe and reliable
Lower Price
Replace battery starting from RM99, no additional charges
90 Days Additional Warranty
Additional 90 days of warranty for newly replaced battery

Participating Phone Models
  • * Applicable to selected models only

How to Buy

You can purchase a battery replacement coupon on the HUAWEI official website.

How to Use

After purchasing a battery replacement coupon for HUAWEI smartphones, tablets and PC products, the service will be automatically applied and you can check the coupon expiration date here .

You can also check the coupon expiration date in the My HUAWEI app.

You do not need to present the battery replacement coupon when applying for repair, but please let us know in advance that you will use the battery replacement coupon for the repair.

How to Participate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Why can't I find the device model I want in this campaign?
    A: Sorry, only selected models are currently eligible for this campaign. HUAWEI will open more models to more consumers to enjoy discounts. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  • Q2: Which HUAWEI Authorized Service Center participate in this activity?
    A: Currently all HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers are participating for the Battery Replacement for smartphones. Please refer T&C for more details.
  • Q3: After purchasing the HUAWEI Battery Replacement product, how should use it?
    A: You may bring your device that purchase the product to any HUAWEI Authorized Service Center in Malaysia to replace the battery.
  • Q4: Can I request a refund at any time after I purchase the HUAWEI Battery Replacement product at HUAWEI’s Consumer Website?
    A: Refund are not supported within the validity period. If the purchased product is not claimed within the 181-day validity period, system will automatically refund the money to the original payment account/card.
  • Q5: Do I need to pay for the labour fee to replace the battery?
    A: No, you are not required to pay for the labour fee as it is included.
  • Q6: Is there a validity for the HUAWEI Battery Replacement product?
    A: Yes, there is a 181-day validity for HUAWEI Battery Replacement product from the date you purchase it from HUAWEI's Consumer Website, and it will automatically expire and be refunded upon expiration.
  • Q7: What are the criteria for participation in the "Battery Replacement from RM99" activity?
    A: The device is an official HUAWEI product that has not been dismantled, deformed or sent for any 3rd party repair (other than by HUAWEI Authorized Service Center).

Terms & Conditions

  • Battery Replacement event for smartphone is valid at all HUAWEI Authorized Service Centres.

  • Under this Battery Replacement promotion, customers are entitled to replace the battery of selected HUAWEI device models at the selected HUAWEI Authorized Service Centres during the Campaign Period. Please search for your device on the list of eligible models and price list. The stock of battery is subject to availability and on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • The Battery Replacement promotion is only applicable to battery replacement, excluding other repair or maintenance services (which will be separately quoted by ASC).

  • The price of RM99/RM199 under this promotion is inclusive of both price for the battery and labour charge for battery replacement.

  • The replaced battery is entitled to an additional 90 days warranty starting from the collection date. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from mishandling/human induced damage.

  • HUAWEI Battery Replacement (Purchase from HUAWEI Consumer Website)

  • Each purchase of “Battery Replacement” product from the HUAWEI Consumer Website is valid for a period of 181-day from the date of purchase.

  • If the purchased product is not claimed within the 181-day validity period, system will automatically refund the money to the original payment account/card.


  • By participating in this Campaign, customer hereby agrees and provides consent to HUAWEI, its affiliates, and the ASC(s) to the use of any personal data as provided by the customer for the purpose of participation in Campaign in line with the applicable personal data protection laws and regulations, to the extent that any personal data provided shall only be processed and be used by HUAWEI and the ASC(s) for lawful purposes directly related to the running of this Campaign and in line with HUAWEI's Privacy Policy stated at

  • Customer shall back up his/her data and remove any confidential, proprietary, or personal information from his/her device before sending in his/her device to ASC for the upgrade. HUAWEI is not responsible for the damage or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media in the device.

  • If customers are discovered to be using or have used improper means to participate in this Campaign, HUAWEI reserves the right to cancel the eligibility of the customer without notice.

  • By participating in this Campaign, customers are deemed to have reviewed, read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

  • Devices purchased from unauthorized channels are not eligible to participate in this Campaign.

  • This Campaign and the Terms and Conditions herein shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia.

  • For more details, please contact us through Hotline 1800-22-0086 or through the live chat.

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