Notice on the adjustment of Huawei's temporary service policy
Extended warranty
All products including mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, smart wearables, smart homes, smart screens and other terminal products whose warranty period has expired during the period from 17\3\2020 to 15\6\2020, the warranty period of these devices will be extended to 15\6\2020. If your product meets the condition, the warranty period will be automatically extended.
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You can get services via the following service channels:
1- Support App
If your phone or tablet encounters a problem, it is recommended that you open the Pre-installed Support App (the pre-installed smart assistant) first to experience the self-service. Support App has a variety of fast and practical functions such as smart diagnoses, online customer service, live chat, remote service, and enquiry of rights, providing you with a scenario-based solution. Troubleshooting of the common problems to help you know about your device condition in a timely, convenience way. To download and install Support App, please scan the following QR
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2- Hotline
Another way to diagnose your device while you at home, and to know about any information regarding your device or regarding any Huawei devices is to contact us through the Hotline number 8001220888, or you also can contact us using the live chat through the Support App.
3- HUAWEI Free Postal Service
If you are inconvenient to visit our service center, we recommend that you use HUAWEI free postal service, this service allow you to send your device to us through SMSA, then we send it back to you after repairing it.
The two-way logistic fees are free
o To get this free service, please contact us through our Hotline 8001220888, or through the live chat via Support App.
o You can also ask for this through Support App by following the next path:
Support App > on Services tap, under the Quick Services click on send for repair, and then fill and submit the application as required.
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