Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest in EMUI10, and we also thank you for your patience, the EMUI10 is already here.

Here are the devices and their corresponding updating time, the time is giving as periods, within a month for every period, please search for your device and check the expected updated day, wish you a wonderful and great experience with the smart EMUI10,

To know estimated date for updating your device system to EMUI10, please search for your device in the following table:

Time Device
Jan 2020 HUAWEI P30
HUAWEI Mate 20
HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro
HUAWEI Mate 20 X (4G)
Feb 2020 PORSCHE DESIGN Mate 20 RS
HUAWEI Mate 20 X (5G)
HONOR View 20
Mar 2020 HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019
HUAWEI nova 5T
HONOR 20 Pro
Apr 2020 HUAWEI P smart 2019
HONOR 10 Lite
May 2020 HUAWEI Mate10
HUAWEI Mate10 Pro
HUAWEI P30 lite
HUAWEI nova 4
Honor 10

The above table, include the estimated dates of EMUI10 update based on the device model, if the date corresponding to your device is already passed, then please follow the next instructions:

To update your device, there are two methods to follow:

First method: is to update your device by using Support App, for this method, please follow the following path:

Support App > services > more > update > check for update > download and install

Second Method: is to update your device by sitting, for this method, please follow the following path:

Sitting > system > software update > check for updates > download and install

Note: the above paths are indicated for reference, it might has a little change based on device model.

if your device is among the previous list and you follow the provided instructions to update your device but you didn’t find the update system file, then please prepare your Serial Number (SN) and contact us through HotLine 8001220888, or through Live Chat via Support App. and provide your Serial Number (SN) to us, to get the required help.

To prepare your Serial Number (SN):

Dial *#06#, your phone Serial Number (SN) will pop up for you.

Note that:

1-If you didn’t find your device on the above list that means the specific date which correspond to your device upgrade is not set yet, so the list will be updated periodically according to the new added devices.

2-If you look for EMUI9.1, please follow these instructions in your device, Sitting > System > Software Update

For more details, contact us through HotLine 8001220888, or through Live Chat via Support App.

we dedicate our team to provide the best service.