HUAWEI AppGallery

The official Huawei Appstore

Through the official AppGallery, Huawei is supplying genuine applications to all Huawei device owners. It is the only appstore where you can use Huawei points to purchase your favorite games, tools or services.

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Four-layer Detection

All applications are being checked before allowed in Appgallery. Privacy Check, Security Vulnerabilities Scanning, Malicious Behavior Detection and manual Real-name Security Check.


Not just any Apps

HUAWEI AppGallery is a place where you can find all your favorite applications. And the ones that are new or you don’t know yet are recommended to you.


  • Roaming Services

    Help HUAWEI users find local popular apps the first time.

  • Wishlist

    We will try our best to find the apps you want.

  • Gifts

    Vouchers, discount coupons, VIP privileges……Those exclusive services are only for HUAWEI users.