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Applicable system: EMUI 8.0
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Enable Kids Corner

Worried about the various types of apps available online that are not suitable for your child? Enable Kids Corner, the exclusive parental-controlled entertainment platform on your child's Tablet.

Before using Kids Corner, ensure that you have set a screen unlock password. Otherwise, go to Settings > Security & privacy > Screen lock & passwords > Password, and set a screen unlock password.

Open Children's Corner. Follow the onscreen instructions to set a Kids Corner password, enter your child's name, gender, date of birth, and record his or her fingerprint. Once the set up is complete, you can start using Kids Corner.

In Kids Corner, you can:

  • Set parental controls: Go to Parental control to control how your child uses his or her Tablet (such as managing the available apps, images, and multimedia your child would have access to, limiting the daily durations and number of times you would allow your child to access his or her Tablet, as well as enabling resting periods).
  • Exit Kids Corner: Touch Exit, and enter your Kids Corner password to exit Kids Corner.

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