How to upload photos and videos to Cloud

Applicable products: Tablet,Smartphone
Applicable system: Magic UI 2.0.1, EMUI 9.0.1, Magic UI 2.1.0, Magic UI 3.0, Android 8.1.0, Magic UI 2.1.1, Magic UI 2.0, EMUI 3.0, EMUI 10.0, EMUI 3.1, EMUI 4.0, EMUI 8.0, EMUI 4.1, EMUI 5.0, EMUI 8.1, EMUI 5.1, EMUI 9.0, EMUI 8.2, EMUI 9.1
How to upload photos and videos to Cloud

On your phone, go to Settings > Log in with HUAWEI ID > Cloud > Gallery and enable Sync Gallery. Your photos, videos, screenshots, and any other selected albums will be synced to Cloud whenever your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

To sync the album of a third-party app, go to Gallery > More > Settings > More albums and turn on the switch for that album.

Note: In EMUI 5.X and later versions, two-way sync between the cloud and device is added. Photos or videos deleted from cloud will also be deleted from your local device, and vice versa.

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