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Applicable products: HUAWEI MatePad Pro(10.8 inches 8gb+128gb、12.6 inches 8gb+256gb、10.8 inches 8gb+256gb),HUAWEI MatePad 11(wifi only 4gb+128gb、10.95 inches 6gb+128gb、10.95 inches 6gb+64gb),HUAWEI MatePad(10.4-inch 2022 lte 4+128、10.4 wifi 4gb+128gb、10.4-inch 2022 lte 4+64、10.4-inch 2022 wi-fi 4+128)
Applicable system: HarmonyOS 2.0
Applicable products:
Applicable system:
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Enable App Twin

App Twin enables you to log in to two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts simultaneously, allowing you to keep your work and private life separate.

App Twin is only supported by some apps.

Go to Settings > Apps > App Twin and turn on or off the switch for the app you want to apply the feature.

The twin app will then be displayed on the home screen.

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