Learn more about Huawei P30 Pro's revolutionary camera system
<!doctype html><!--[if IE 9]> <html class="no-js ie9 fixed-layout" lang="en"> <![endif]--> <!--[if gt IE 9]><!--> <html class="no-js " lang="en"> <!--<![endif]--> <head> <!-- Basic --> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"> <!-- Mobile Metas --> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=0.2, maximum-scale=5.0, user-scalable=yes"> <!-- Site Metas --> <title>Revolutionary Camera</title> <meta name="keywords" content=""> <meta name="description" content=""> <meta name="author" content=""> <!-- Material Design fonts --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://consumer-img.huawei.com/content/dam/huawei-cbg-site/weu/uk/support/faq/assets/css/p30_serise/camera.css"> <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script src="https://oss.maxcdn.com/libs/html5shiv/3.7.0/html5shiv.js"></script> <script src="https://oss.maxcdn.com/libs/respond.js/1.4.2/respond.min.js"></script> <![endif]--> </head> <body class="body"> <div class="update-myphone"> <div class="update-myphone"> <!-- Banner --> <div class="update-myphone-img"> <img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d03_fpzlw.png" alt="" style="width: 1140px; margin-bottom: -24px"> <img class="hidden-pc" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d05_cjiy9.png" alt=""> <div class="update-myphone-steps-text-title"> <p style="font-family: Manrope3-Regular;">The newly launched Huawei P30 Pro features a revolutionary Leica quad camera system. <br> <br> It includes a 40 MP primary camera equipped with the world's first SuperSpectrum Sensor, a 20 MP ultra wide-angle camera, an 8MP telephoto camera fitted with a SuperZoom lens and an innovative Huawei ToF Camera.</p> </div> </div> <!-- Banner end --> <!-- Header --> <div class="update-myphone-img"> <div class="img"><img class="hidden-mobile" style="margin-top: -14px;" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d07_puzeu.png" alt=""></div> <img class="hidden-pc2" style="margin-top: -30px; width:100%;" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d07_puzeu.png" alt=""> </div> <!-- Header end --> <!-- Content--> <div class="update-myphone-img" > <div class="text"> <div class="update-myphone-steps-text2"> <h1>Main Camera</h1> <p>The <b>main camera</b> of the <b>P30 Pro</b> features a <b>40MP wide angle lens</b>, with a <b>f/1.6 aperture</b> and <b>Optical Image Stabilization</b>, as well as the cutting-edge <b>SuperSpectrum Sensor</b>. SuperSpectrum uses <b>red, yellow and blue photocells on the sensor surface</b>, instead of the traditional <b>red-green-blue array</b>.<br> <br> Thanks to this innovation, the sensor <b>absorbs more light</b> and, combined with an <b>advanced self-developed algorithm</b>, it can reach one of the <b>highest ISO levels on any smartphone</b>. <br> <br> This way, the P30 Pro allows you to <b>shoot vivid, crystal-clear photos</b> even in <b>extreme low-lighting conditions</b>.</p> </div> <div class="img2"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d09_1182h.png" alt=""></div> <div class="update-myphone-img"><img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d09_1182h.png" alt="" ></div> </div> </div> <!-- Content end--> <!-- Content Header--> <div class="update-myphone-img"> <div class="img"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d0b_bsaqm.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -38px;"></div> <img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d0d_xz1wa.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -30px;"> </div> <!-- Content Header End--> <!-- Content 1--> <div class="update-myphone-img" > <div class="text" style="margin-top: -30px;" > <div class="update-myphone-steps-text3" > <h1>Ultra Wide-Angle</h1> <p style="font-family: Manrope3-Regular;">The <b>20 MP ultra wide-angle</b> camera lens is <b>perfect for panoramic pictures</b>, when you want to shoot an <b>impressive landscape</b> or <b>cram all your friends into the picture</b>.<br> <br> It is also <b>great for macro photography</b>, capturing <b>every detail of objects</b> you sometimes can <b>barely see with the naked eye</b>.</p> </div> <div class="img3"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d0f_kdwud.png" alt="" ></div> <img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d0f_kdwud.png" alt="" > </div> </div> <!-- Content 1 End--> <!-- Content 1 Header--> <div class="update-myphone-img"> <div class="img"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d11_1pxb7.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -8px;"></div> <img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d13_wph5n.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -30px;"> </div> <!-- Content 1 Header End--> <!-- Content 2--> <div class="update-myphone-img" > <div class="text" style="margin-top: -30px;"> <div class="update-myphone-steps-text2-2"> <h1>SuperZoom</h1> <p style="font-family: Manrope3-Regular;">If you want to <b>bring far away objects</b> right in front of your eyes, the <b>telephoto camera of the P30 Pro</b> can do the job, due to its <b>SuperZoom lens</b>. It has a <b>periscope design</b> and uses a <b>prism to reflect light down the camera</b>, and thus <b>making room for the required lenses</b>.<br> <br> This way, it <b>maximizes the camera height</b>, despite the device's slim look. <br> <br> Thanks to this <b>innovative design</b>, the <b>telephoto camera</b> can reach a stunning <b>50x digital zoom</b>, allowing you to take clear pictures of distant objects or characters.</p> </div> <div class="img2"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d15_riwzr.png" alt="" style="padding-top: 80px;"></div> <div class="update-myphone-img"><img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d15_riwzr.png" alt="" ></div> </div> </div> <!-- Content 2 End--> <!-- Content 2 header--> <div class="update-myphone-img"> <div class="img"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d19_gqkis.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -38px;"></div> <img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d1b_g6a9k.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -30px;"> </div> <!-- Content 2 header End--> <!-- Content 3 --> <div class="update-myphone-img"> <div class="text" style="margin-top: -30px;"> <div class="update-myphone-steps-text7"> <h1>Time of Flight</h1> <p style="font-family: Manrope3-Regular;">Another innovation of the P30 Pro is the <b>ToF (Time of Flight) camera</b>, perfect for a <b>very accurate 3D mapping</b> of the scene. This camera <b>measures the distance to the objects in the scene</b>, confirming and <b>adjusting the initial depth-map generated</b> by the <b>primary and ultra wide-angle cameras</b>. <br> <br> The <b>ToF sensor</b> can <b>measure subject distance in any light conditions</b>, allowing the device to <b>focus quickly and shoot sharp images</b>.<br> <br> The <b>ToF</b> is especially <b>great for shooting portraits</b>. It will <b>measure the depth of field</b> with <b>great accuracy</b> and, alongside <b>AIS Long Exposure Shot</b>, it will <b>highlight your portrait</b> and <b>take its sharpness to perfection</b>.<br> <br> It will also <b>progressively blur the background</b> with different effects, giving your pictures a <b>professional-level bokeh</b>. The <b>ToF</b> camera also helps when it comes to <b>virtual reality simulation</b>, <b>3D scanning</b> and <b>AR emojis</b>.</p> </div> <div class="img2-2"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d1d_bgk2t.png" alt="" style="padding-top: 0px;"></div> <div class="update-myphone-img"><img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d1f_ozrpz.png" alt="" ></div> </div> <div class="img"><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d21_9cohd.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -38px;"></div> <img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d23_ifvic.png" alt="" style="margin-top: -30px;"> </div> <!-- Content 3 End --> <!-- Content 4 --> <div class="update-myphone-img" > <div class="text" > <div class="update-myphone-steps-text8" > <h1>Photographic Experience</h1> <p style="font-family: Manrope3-Regular;">When taking pictures with the <b>P30 Pro</b>, its <b>four lenses work together</b>.<br> <br> The <b>Camera app</b> will select a <b>proper camera lens combination</b> based on your <b>settings and the scene</b> to give you an <b>ultimate photographic experience</b>.</p> </div> <div class="img7" ><img class="hidden-mobile" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d25_azizy.png" alt="" ></div> <div class="update-myphone-img"><img class="hidden-pc2" src="https://consumer-tkb.huawei.com/ctkb/ha-i/ce6d25_azizy.png" alt="" ></div> </div> </div> <!-- Content 4 End--> </div> </div> </body> </html>

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