Smart Diagnosis

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Troubleshooting Function

Smart Diagnosis

Smart Diagnosis is a support tool built to diagnose and resolve customers' technical issues. It easily checks the device’s status, locates any issues, and provides with an official version of the troubleshooting method and tailored software and setting solutions.


One-click detection to diagnose phone problems

It provides full detection coverage, such as hardware, software, calls, network connection, charging, system performance, and more. The detection process is short, quick, and accurate.

One-click optimisation to resolve problems

It troubleshoots the software and setting faults, and provides guidance and repair services for those issues that cannot be solved online. If a hardware fault is detected, it provides official entries to more services, such as our Hotline support.

Recommended guides

Related maintenance knowledge are shared to provide you with more troubleshooting suggestions and skills.

Note: Smart Diagnosis is applicable to EMUI8.0 and later versions

(Tips: Head to Settings > System, select "About phone" and check your EMUI version.)

How to get started

Open up Support on your device
Select Smart Diagnosis under Quick Services
Smart Diagnosis will run the troubleshooting feature.

Get Support App on your phone

Scan the QR code below to download and install: