9V2A 18W QuickCharge™ Output

9V2A 18W QuickCharge™ Output

Quick power supply for heavy smartphone users; compatible with Qualcomm® 9V2A & 5V2A Quick Charge™, charge more handsets at their full speed.

9V2A 18W QuickCharge™ Input

Recharges your power bank with 9V2A 18W QuickCharge™, always ready to provide backup power for your smartphone.

1 x USB-C + 1 x Micro-B Inputs

1 x USB Type-C + 1 x Micro-USB dual input ports for better compatibility, recharge with any cable at hand using either port.

Detail-Oriented Design

Detail-oriented design for comfortable & convenient daily use.

Premium Lithium Polymer Battery

Premium lithium polymer battery with ≥ 89% high power output efficiency; Meets aviation regulations, use it in airplanes freely.

Palm & Pocket Friendly

Light & compact body that perfectly fits into your palm & pocket for easy portability.

Multi-Layer Safety Protection

Slim & Stylish Design

Slim & stylish design that follows you wherever you go.