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        Watch out for fake parts and unauthorised repair partners

        Counterfeit and third-party battery and power adapters may be poorly designed and may cause safety problems. Non-Huawei and or officially authorized repair partners may not have the correct repair tools specific to Huawei products as well as not follow the processes and procedures set out by the manufacturer in order to ensure the relavent processes and procedures are followed .Huawei maintenance personnel are trained spacifically for the maintenance of Huawei products, Unauthorised and trained Tecnhnicians that do not follow the manufactirer approvedrepair process may damage batteries and other components, resulting in performance problems as wlel as security violations

        In order to ensure that you obtain a genuine Huawei battery fitted by a professional repair service technician, we recommed that you can send for repair or go to a Huawei Authorized Service Center.

        If you need to replace a new adapter to charge your device, we recommend that you choose Huawei's genuine power adapter. Huawei's genuine batteries can only be replaced at an Huawei Authorized Service Center. If you choose a non-Huawei authorized service center to replace or repair the battery, you will void your warranty.

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