Warranty Policy

1、 The Warranty object

Mobile phone, tablet

2、 Seven days Return, Exchange, Warranty Policy

1) Within 7 days from the date of purchase (including 7 days), if the host of the product has performance failures caused by non-human damage, you will be eligible for a replacement device with the same specification, otherwise Huawei will repair such Products as a normal warranty fault Product.
2) Kindly note that you must return OBF devices to the original store where the device was purchased.
3) All devices must be assessed for any faults reported by the client before being exchanged. This assessment may take up to 7 (seven) calendar days. (Timeframe may be influenced by location, courier delays and/or public holidays).
4) Items that qualify as OBF will only be swapped for the same make and model

3、Two year warranty

Part Name Warranty Period Service Method
Mobile phone, tablet 2 years (including) free warranty Walk in/Postal repair

* The product warranty start date is subject to the purchase invoice date. If the last day of the warranty period is a legal holiday, the day after the holiday is the last day of the validity period.
* If the consumer loses the invoice and product warranty card and cannot provide valid evidence such as the invoice or the invoice (bottom) copy, the warranty start date will be extended 90 days from the factory date indicated by the host body SN number. For details, please click “Warranty Status Inquiry” https://consumer.huawei.com/za/support/warranty-query/ to confirm whether the product is under warranty.

4、Maintenance quality commitment

1) Within the scope of warranty, if a complete machine replacement (excluding accessories) occurs, the replaced product follows the initial warrantee of the original device.
2) The spare parts replaced after maintenance will be covered by a 90-day limited workmanship warranty period.

5、The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty:

1) Damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading during return and delivery.
2) Any modification, disassembly and repair without the authorization of Huawei.
3) Product damage due to unexpected factors or human behavior. Such as: such as liquid, damage, input inappropriate voltage, excessive extrusion, motherboard deformation. For the power adapter, if there are obvious hard object damage, cracks, broken feet, severe deformation, the power cord is broken, broken, bare core and so on.
4) Failure or damage to the product caused by installation, use, maintenance and storage as required by the instruction manual.
5) The warranty certificate / Invoice does not match the product model serial number or IMEI as well as any amendments to the invoice will void all warranty.
6) MEID/ESN/IMEI/SN label are clear, not damaged and altered, and the label on the packaging boxes (MEID / ESN / IMEI/ SN), host backing serial number, serial number read from Product are the same (in case the Product cannot be powered on, it is not necessary to read the serial number from the Product), warranty label and waterproof labels are intact, without discoloration; and
7) The warranty period has expired.
8) Failure or damage caused by force majeure factors such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.

6、Return and exchange service guide:

1) Before returning or sending for repair, please check if the following contents are ready:

Complete host and accessories Complete packaging Invoice (unmodified) Gift(If have)

2) Please backup your personal data in advance before sending it for repair. During the repair process, your personal data may be lost. Huawei will protect your personal privacy, but will not be responsible for the damage or loss of personal data during the repair process.
3) When sending repairs, the products must be professionally tested by Huawei authorized service center. After confirming the fault, the service center will determine the corresponding repair plan. For products during the free warranty period, consumers are entitled to repair, replacement, and return in accordance with these regulations during the validity period. If the replacement method is adopted, the damaged parts will be returned to Huawei; for the detection of non-faulty products, they will be returned as they are.
4) If the product does not meet the warranty conditions and charges are charged, Huawei authorized service center will charge the maintenance fee to the consumer, and indicate the reason for not meeting the warranty conditions on the invoice and receipt.

7、Huawei accessories service policy

1. Warranty method

Huawei's Warranty on original retail accessories, which are directly purchased by customers, enjoy the after-sales service provided by Huawei.

2. Warranty certificate

1) Original Invoices, invoice copies, and warranty cards can be used as warranty certificates. If the accessory is marked with an SN number, the warranty date is 90 days from the date of manufacture and the warranty is guaranteed (warranty period + 3 months).
2) The accessories /Gifts donated follow the below warrantee periods.



HUAWEI MediaPad M5


HUAWEI MateBook X Pro


HUAWEI Band 3 Pro

* Please note there is no warranty on any protective products for any Huawei device products, such as: screen protector and cover case.
* If your device or related accessories do not appear in the above tables, please contact our customer service at 0860 86 1111
* Defective accessories purchased must be taken back to point of purchase for exchange/repair

3. Non-guarantee judgment (The following conditions will not be guaranteed)

1) Clear consumable parts (film, protective case, protective cover, etc.) that are not guaranteed
2) The warranty certificate cannot be provided, nor can it be determined during the warranty period.
3) Man-made damage, liquid
4) Non-original parts
5) Other cases without warranty

Special statement:

* The above terms and conditions apply only to Huawei terminal products sold within the territory of the Republic of South Africa.
* Our company does not assume any responsibility for other commitments made by the seller to the customer other than Huawei.