Colour Options
  • Gray

Number of lenses



≥ 185°

Zoom type


Working F/#

Is or better than: F2.1

Camera pixel

Is or better than: 13 MP

Panoramic coverage

360 x 360

Still image resolution (max)

5376 x 2688

Panoramic video specifications

1920 x 960 / 30 FPS, 1280 x 640 / 30 FPS


100 - 1,600

Shutter speed

1. Manual mode: switches between 1/6400 second and 30 seconds;
2. 1/6400 second and 1/8 second for other modes

Operating temperature range

0 - 40 °C

Storage temperature range

-20 °C - 60 °C

Operating humidity range

≤ 90%

Maximum temperature rise on the outer surface

Δ35 °C

Maximum continuous operating current

≤ 600 mA

Maximum transient operating current

1. When the phone’s battery power is greater than 15%, camera startup, picture taking, and video recording will not cause the phone's power system to reset and jitter;
2. The startup current of the camera is strictly controlled. Current restriction will not be triggered by the transient current of the camera.

Power supply range

4.2 - 5.8 V.DC

Preview delay

≤ 500 ms

Total Weight

Approximately 30 g


Mobile OTG power supply


USB Type-C USB2.0

Operating system

Android 6.0 or later

Panorama picture and video browsing

1. Supports perspective, fisheye, asteroid, and crystal ball display modes;
2. Support gyroscope, VR, and drag-to-view viewing modes.

Image storage format

1.JPEG DCF2.0 compatible;
2.GIF file resolution: 600 x 300

Video storage format

MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264, audio: AAC)

Watermark and product name

Supports pictures and videos


Supports Filters

Social sharing

WeChat, Weibo, QQ, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Line…panorama pictures and videos sharing