HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity Guide

HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity Guide

1. Who are the intended participants?

Huawei tablet users. Works that have received awards in other painting activities or have been published in public publications are not eligible for assessment.

2. How to participate in the activity?

You may learn about the activity on Huawei's official website ( and participate in the activity in either of the following ways:

Method 1: On your phone or tablet, open My HUAWEI, go to the GoPaint screen, select the checkbox for the activity regulations and privacy statement, and submit your work on the activity details screen.

Method 2: Post your work on a social media platform such as Instagram or Facebook, by using the hashtag #HUAWEIGoPaint and mentioning the Huaweimobile official account via @. Please ensure your Instagram account is public.

When using either of the preceding methods to participate in HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity, you are deemed to have agreed to the activity regulations and privacy statement.

3. What is the submission deadline for works?

The deadline for submitting works is February 29, 2024, at 24:00 Beijing Time (GMT+8).

4. Must the works be created using HUAWEI tablets for them to be eligible for the activity?

Yes. All works submitted for GoPaint must be paintings created using HUAWEI tablets. There are no restrictions on the painting creation time or the specific models of HUAWEI tablets used.

5. What are the specific requirements for the submitted work?

The work must be in either JPG or PNG format. The image resolution should be equal to or greater than 300 dpi. The size of each individual work must not exceed 20 MB. Additionally, when uploading a work, you are required to provide a text description for each work, consisting of 30 to 80 words.

(The staff will verify the device used for creating the work by examining the EXIF information. Therefore, it is recommended that you preserve the EXIF information of your work. Also, participants might be required to provide other supporting evidences such as, screenshots showing the submitted artwork draft layer or screen-recording of the submitted artwork illustration process.)

6. Is there an upper limit on the number of works that each participant can submit?

There is no such limit on the number of works. Posts containing any pictures or videos related to the same work will be considered as a single submitted work.

7. How can I determine the appropriate category for submitting my work?

Before participating in the activity, it is important to carefully review the interpretation of each category and submit your work to the category you consider as most suitable.

Culture is the calling of each creator, the essence of our soul, the place where life experience meets inspiration, and possibilities are endless.

We spend much of our lives in concrete jungles of our own making. If the world is a blank canvas, its cities are the lines, dots, and brushstrokes that give it color.

We are nothing but people around us. The everyday acts of kindness, bravery, love, and resilience we witness are the sustenance that gives our lives meaning and purpose.

8. Can I submit my work to multiple categories or different activity areas?

Yes, you can. However, each individual work will be treated as a single entry, regardless of the number of categories or areas it has been submitted to.

9. What additional information do I need to provide when submitting my work?

When participating in the activity, it is necessary to provide a textual description for each submitted work to introduce it. During the assessment process for selecting shortlisted works, we may reach out to you via private messages on the platform to verify the authorship of the works and ask whether the works have been created using HUAWEI tablets. This is done to ensure that the works meet the specified requirements.

If your work is shortlisted, we will request your email address via a private message in order to inform you about subsequent award-related matters. To protect your rights and interests regarding your work, please make sure that the contact information you provide is correct and accurate. Otherwise, we may not be able to verify your work and identity and therefore cannot complete assessing, awarding, or prize distribution process for your work.

10. Where can I view my submitted works?

You can log in to the platform where you have submitted your works and access the personal account screen to view the status of your submitted works.

11. How will assessment be performed?

All works submitted by participants will undergo a review process conducted by the staff. Only those works that have successfully passed the review will be eligible for the award assessment process. Upon reaching the deadline, the organizer will select approximately 100 works as the shortlisted entries for the final assessment phase globally. The final award-winning works are subject to the results publicized by the organizer. Ensure that your work has been successfully published when participating in the activity. Any work that has been deleted or has not been published successfully cannot be traced during the statistics collection process. Participants shall assume full responsibility for any losses and consequences that may arise as a result. HUAWEI reserves the right of interpretation in relation to this activity.

12. What are the prizes offered in this activity?

Top submissions will earn the following awards:

Best Creative Award (1 winner)
5,000 USD (including taxes)

Best Visual Award (1 winner)
5,000 USD (including taxes)

Best Storytelling Award (1 winner)
5,000 USD (including taxes)

Most Popular Award (2 winners)
5,000 USD (including taxes)

Honorable Mention (15 winners)
2,000 USD (including taxes)

*The prize amounts mentioned above include taxes.
*The organizer reserves the right to adjust the number of prize winners, based on real world conditions.

13. Will I retain the copyright of my submitted works?

Yes, you do. The copyright of the work remains with its creator who takes part in HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity. Participants in this activity shall have independent, complete, clear, and undisputed copyright to the works they submit. Furthermore, participants must ensure that the works they submit do not infringe upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, and property rights. Participants who submit works in the activity shall be considered to have agreed to this clause. Participants shall assume all legal responsibilities arising from any disputes resulting from their violation of the aforementioned warranties. The organizer shall not be held liable for any such legal responsibilities. By taking part in this activity, the participants agree to authorize the organizer and its affiliates to use their submitted works for the activity, product, and brand publicity free of charge from the date of submission, including but not limited to global use through online media, print media, printed materials, exhibitions, retail stores, roadshows, out of home media, and other activity publicity campaigns. The organizer shall not notify the participants or obtain their consent when using the works submitted by participants for the activity on the aforementioned grounds.

14. What precautions should be taken regarding the submitted works?

Participants in the activity must ensure that their submitted works have never been used for commercial purposes or licensed to any third party for use. These works must be solely created by the participants, without infringing upon the works of others, and the copyright of the works shall remain with the participants themselves. (If the works incorporate non-original material elements, participants must obtain the necessary permissions to use such material elements.) In the event of a copyright dispute arising during the collection or commercial utilization of the works, the participants in the activity shall be held legally liable and shall return any incentives received from the activity. The participants in the activity shall bear all losses incurred to the organizer.

The works must comply with the specifications and be of authorship. Works that have been created using AI-generated content (AIGC) will not be accepted. Additionally, any works that involve the use of AIGC tools to generate images or elements will be deemed ineligible for the final assessment process. Only works that align with the designated activity themes will be eligible for participation. Works that are irrelevant to the activity themes will not be considered for the assessment process.

15. How will the organizer inform participants about award winning?

We will primarily communicate with the winners via email. Additionally, the list of award winners will be published on HUAWEI's official website for participants to query. The list of winners is expected to be published in April 2024.

16. Can I delete my uploaded works?

You can view, modify, and delete published works by logging in to the platform on which you published them.

17. Will my submitted works be displayed globally?

Apart from being showcased globally on the official website of the activity, the shortlisted award-winning works may also be exhibited through our collaborative platforms, such as social media, HUAWEI Themes and HUAWEI Community.

*To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, HUAWEI retains the right to interpret all the aforementioned clauses.

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