About AppGallery quick apps and Quick App Center

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About AppGallery quick apps and Quick App Center

1. What are quick apps?

Quick apps are also called installation-free apps, which are a new type of app similar to applets. Traditional mobile apps are mainly websites and native apps. Websites do not need to be installed, but they only come with certain app functions. Native apps provide comprehensive functions and deliver a more complete user experience, but they need to be downloaded and installed from app stores and occupy memory space. Quick apps on the other hand are installation-free, support tap-to-use, and deliver functions and an overall experience similar to native apps, which can meet the requirements for most scenarios. You can access quick apps via various channels, including AppGallery, Quick App Center, GameCenter, shared links, HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY, AI Lens, and AI Search.

2. What is Quick App Center?

Quick App Center is a system service that provides access to and a running environment for quick apps on Huawei phones/tablets.

To learn more, refer to How to access Quick App Center/quick apps and add shortcuts for them.

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