HUAWEI In-App Purchases currency switch notification

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HUAWEI In-App Purchases currency switch notification

Dear user,

the currency of HUAWEI In-App Purchases will be switched at 4:00 (UTC+8) on April 23, 2024. Your subscriptions, HUAWEI Points, and coupons will be affected after the currency switch.

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Impacts of the currency switch:

Will my HUAWEI Points balance and currency change?

After switching currencies, your HUAWEI Points balance will be converted to the USD equivalent at the March 31, 2024 exchange rate.

Can I use my HUAWEI Points card in local currency?

After you switch to the new currency, the HUAWEI Points card of the local currency will become invalid. Please recharge your HUAWEI Points card before switching to the new currency.

Can I use my local currency coupons?

Coupons in local currency will not be displayed. However, the system will convert the unused coupons under your account to the equivalent USD at the exchange rate on March 31, 2024. The reissued coupons can be used normally.

Will I keep my subscription items? How to deduct the fee?

When your subscription in your local currency expires, it will not be renewed and will automatically be suspended for the next period. You can re-subscribe. The new subscription will be charged in the new currency.

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