Huawei Express Repair Service Terms
Effective from 11 June 2020
1. By making use of the repair service, you consent to Huawei accessing your device, which includes access to any data (personal or otherwise) remaining on your device.
2. To ensure the privacy and safety of your data, it is advisable that
  1. 2.1. You back up all existing data, software, programs, applications, images, videos, phonebook etc., and then erase this data from the device. You understand that any data (personal or otherwise) remaining on your device will be accessible by Huawei during the repair process;
  2. 2.2. you disable the screen lock on the device; and
  3. 2.3. you remove all removable storage media, such as SIM or Memory Card.
3. Huawei and its authorized service centers will not be responsible for any loss of data, software, programs or SIM or Memory Card should you not back up, delete and remove as stipulated above.
4. To ensure the safety of your device during transit –
  1. 4.1. Please ensure that you package your device in a safe and secure manner to prevent any damage during transport.
  2. 4.2. Please ensure all shipping documents are printed and signed prior to TNT collecting the device.
  3. 4.3. Huawei will insure your device for loss or damage caused during transit.
5. You agree and understand that after we receive your device, it is necessary for Huawei to collect, process, and use your data, if any, such as your name, phone number, IMEI number, system log, etc. for the purpose of user satisfaction surveys, analyses, product improvements, etc. Huawei will strictly follow our 'Privacy Policy' to protect your data, for more details please refer to:
6. All devices deemed out of warranty will be charged for. A quotation will be provided to you before any repair work is done on your device. Should there be any costs for diagnostic work to be performed on your device before a quotation can be drawn up, you will be advised of this and the costs associated. No diagnostic work or repairs will done on your device without receiving your consent to do so.
7. Any monies outstanding for out of warranty repairs must be paid prior to the device being returned to you. Huawei reserves its right to exercise a lien over the device pending payment of the repairs.