Personal trainer for professional runners, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner accurately monitors heart rate and GPS


Personal trainer for professional runners, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner accurately monitors heart rate and GPS

There is a group of people that enjoy experiencing the world with their footsteps. They love running and participate in marathon events. They are passionate about spreading the benefits of running and have a healthy life. They are the runners. For runners, a professional runner watch can inform their health and fitness status anytime, which plays an important role in running. This means the runners have a higher requirement for the quality of their running watch, as they need a running watch that has high-precision monitoring and feedback on various data to help them adjust their training over time and achieve their training goals.

Based on the runner’s requirements, the accuracy of health and fitness monitoring of the watch has become one of the important criteria for the industry and users in the running circle when evaluating a smartwatch. Huawei recently launched the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner, targeting runners with professional and scientific features. Through advanced technologies, such as HUAWEI TruSeenTM 5.0+ and Dual-Band Five-System GNSS, it achieves accurate dynamic heart rate monitoring, positioning, and track-level route detection, delivering a professional and efficient training experience.

HUAWEI TruSeenTM 5.0+ for accurate heart rate monitoring

Heart rate is like the weather report of the heart, and an important indicator when running. For professional runners, understanding their current heart rate is important for training, as it can control the time they stay at their maximum heart rate, control, arrange and adjust their training plan, avoid injuries, and achieve better training results.

Since every runner has different physiological and fitness levels, a conventional standard and monitoring the heart rate during running can find the best running heart rate that suits each runner. Having the help of a running watch that accurately monitors heart rate is the most effective way to find the best running heart rate.

Huawei recently launched the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner to accurately monitor the heart rate of runners. Through the combination of hardware and software, the heart rate data is more accurate and trustworthy. On the hardware side, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner brings a newly upgraded heart rate monitoring module, supporting the new HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0+, upgrading from 4 PDs to 8 PDs to double the number of sensors, and receiving more effective signals. For software, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner designed a new multi-channel signal selection and fusion enhancement algorithm, enhancing the deep AI learning noise reduction algorithm, and can better obtain the optimal signal from the multi-channel signal. The combination of software and hardware makes dynamic heart rate monitoring more accurate and brings more professional workout data to runners.

During workout, many factors can affect the monitoring results, such as sweat, movement, temperature, posture, and even the distance between the device and the user’s skin. HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner has raised the standard for heart rate monitoring to overcome this problem. With the new HUAWEI TruSeen™ 5.0+, the deviation of 10 bpm in most scenarios can reach more than 97%. In addition, the precisely polished 3D curved bottom of the watch can fit the shape of the wrist, making it not only comfortable to wear, but also steady to wear. The design can effectively reduce the interference of ambient light and improve the quality of the heart rate signal. Even in scenarios with rapid heart rate changes such as interval running or acceleration, the sensors can still track the heart rate perfectly.

Precise positioning for track-level route monitoring

For runners, daily training or even marathon races can happen in many places such as urban areas, training fields, parks, and mountains. In these scenarios or occasions, the accuracy of smartwatch positioning is very important.

However, the positioning of current smartwatches on the market are usually unstable, sometimes fast, and sometimes slow. Especially when running in high-rise areas or places with interference, the positioning is often inaccurate, and the running route is also confusing. This problem occurs because the smartwatch basically determines the position and calculates the distance based on satellite positioning technology. The GPS we often mention refers to Global Positioning System in the U.S, and there are also Beidou of China, Glonass of Russia, Galileo of Europe, and QZSS of Japan - collectively referred to as the world's five largest satellite navigation and positioning systems. The more positioning systems the watch supports, the more accurate they will be.

To improve positioning accuracy, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner features Dual-Band Five-System GNSS and supports five satellite systems: GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, GALILEO, and QZSS. Together with the carrier signals of L1 and L5, it can eliminate the ionosphere effect on the electromagnetic wave that may cause a delay. By establishing a model, the GPS data error can be effectively eliminated, and the positioning accuracy in covered spaces, such as buildings and roads with trees, can be effectively improved, and the main track and the side-track in the marathon can be accurately distinguished, to achieve track-level route positioning.

In addition, in terms of the antenna, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner adopts a suspended hidden antenna design, which hides the antenna in the lugs made of polymer fibre to reduce the interference caused by metal casings and further improves positioning accuracy.

After completing a long-distance run, the running route will be automatically generated on the smartphone. Users can launch the HUAWEI Health App on their smartphones to post their route to social media or share it with other runners to discuss their long-distance running training experience. The HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner also supports accurate offline navigation and route back feature. When runners encounter unpredictable conditions, such as getting lost during long runs, they can follow the offline navigation to go back to their starting point, ensuring their outdoor safety and training experience.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner has achieved new breakthroughs around heart rate and positioning. With accurate dynamic heart rate, positioning, and route monitoring, it provides runners with a professional and efficient training experience and becomes a personal trainer on the wrist.

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