【PH】Filter and Block Spam Messages

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Filter and Block Spam Messages

Set different block rules, such as your blocklist, to block sales, fraud, and other kinds of spam messages.

Block Spam Messages

  1. Go to Messaging > > Blocked > .

    Alternatively, go to Optimizer > Blocked > .

  2. Touch Message block rules and enable Block unknown numbers. Your phone will then block all messages from unknown numbers.

Block Messages from Specific Numbers

  1. Go to Messaging > > Blocked > > Blocklist.

  2. Touch and add the numbers you want to block. SMS and MMS messages sent by these numbers will all be blocked.

Block Messages Containing Specific Keywords

  1. Go to Messaging > > Blocked > > Keyword blocklist.

  2. Touch and add the keywords to be filtered. All messages containing these keywords will be blocked.

To unblock messages that contain a specific keyword, touch and hold the keyword in the Keyword blocklist and touch Remove.

Set Whether to Receive Notifications for Blocked Messages

Go to Messaging > > Blocked > > Receive notifications and set whether to receive notifications when messages are blocked.

Manage Blocked Messages

On the Blocked screen, you can manage blocked message, such as by deleting records, restoring messages, or submitting appeals if a number has been incorrectly marked.

Go to Messaging > > Blocked . You can then:
  • Touch a record and select Restore to messages to restore this message to the Messaging app. Touch Add to trustlist to add the number corresponding to this message to the trustlist. Touch Delete to delete the message record.

  • Touch Clear to delete blocked messages in batches.

  • Touch Block rules to change the block rules.

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