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Postal Repair Service
  • 1. The Postal repair Preparation

    1、The whole repair service is expected to be 5~10 working days (including: logistic time and service center repair time, excluding: quotation time). In the event of holidays or force majeure (such as typhoons, earthquakes), etc., the service time will be extended accordingly.

    2、Before application, please read about your device's warranty policy and warranty period. If your device is out-of-warranty after detection, you need to pay for the repair fees. Please refer to Spare Part Price on the official website. Please be advised that the prices showing are estimated prices only and are for your reference only. Final quotation will be provided by the Service Center.

    3、In order to keep your personal data and device safe, please follow action completely as below before sending:
    * Smartphones/Tablets : Back up the data → disable the search function log out the account → Enable Maintenance Mode (My HUAWEI App>Service>Quick Services>More>Maintenance Mode) → Power off → Remove accessories (ex. SIM/SD card, protection case and etc.)
    * Laptops/Desktops: Back up the data Clear the data → Power off → Remove accessories (ex. Bluetooth Receivers, cables and etc.)
    * Monitors: Remove accessories (ex. Cables and etc.)
    * Watches/Bands: Delete password → Power off; Remove SIM card if there's any.
    * Earphones: Put the two earphones in the charging case and send them for repair together.
    * Routers/Mobile Wi-fi device: Remove accessories (ex. power cable, internet cable and etc.); Remove SIM card in Mobile wi-fi device.

    4、Please keep the accessories by yourself after removing and record the device SN. For repair status checking (How to find the SN?).

  • 2. Service Application

    5、Please check Postal Repair, enter the device SN No., fault symptom, contact information (Your phone No. and address), then submit the application. In order to avoid any potential delay in your repair service, please fill in the accurate information.

    6、Both shipment cost for your device will be covered by HUAWEI.

  • 3. Packaging and shipping

    7、Please prepare the packaging materials such as an air bubble film and a packaging box. We suggest to use the original packaging box; If unavailable, please put an air bubble film inside the box to avoid device shaking during transit. Please refer to Packaging Guidance for more details. Please attached the proof of purchase along with device if available.

    8、The courier will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the pickup time after the application is successful. Please wrap up and seal the package before the courier arrives.

  • 4. Detection and repair

    9、Estimated arrival of the package in the service center is 2-3 working days. You will receive an SMS after receipt. The estimated detection and repair time is around 3 working days.

    10、During the service repair process, you can check the Repair Progress status input your phone No. or device SN. If there's no result, please contact online chat service or call the Service Center at 09276692818 for help.

    11、For in-warranty devices, no fees will be collected; and for out-of-warranty devices, the service center will collect repair fees (including labor fee+ spare part price).

    12、The Service Center will call you, send you an SMS or send an email to confirm the repair quotation. Please finish the payment in 3 days after the agreement. If payment is not made in time, the service repair time will be extended accordingly.

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    5. Return

    13、Once repair is completed, we will send your device back using our courrier Speedex. The estimated time of arrival is around 3~5 working days.

    14、You will receive an SMS/E-mail after the device is sent out. You can click to check the status information via this link If you do not receive the device in 5 working days after receiving the SMS, please contact online chat or call the Hotline 09230990468 for help.

    15、Please check the packaging box if it's still intact before receiving it. If packaging is broken, please double check if the device inside is fine. If there's any damage, please contact online chat or call the Hotline 09230990468 for help.

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    6. Service evaluation

    16、In order to improve the service quality continuously, we would like to send a satisfaction survey after finish the service. We sincerely invite you to evaluate the postal service as our service experience officer. If you have any doubt in the postal repair service, please do not hesitate to contact online chat or call the Hotline 09230990468 for help.