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        Awaken new devices with quick tricks

        How to Find Apps

        Data Transfer, Apps download, VIP customer Service for New HMS Device.

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        Set up Your Laptop

        Follow simple steps to sign in, connect to network and enable Eye Comfort mode.

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        Better Together 2022

        More Care, Less Worries

        One Price Repair

        Lowest price for parts and labor

        HUAWEI Care

        Give your device additional protection to use it without worries.

        Screen Glass Replacement

        Get the best deal for your broken screen glass

        Battery One Price Repair

        Extend the life of your devices by replacing the batteries at discounted prices

        open our world with unboxing support

        be at our selected Stores to get assistance with your new devices

        Warm Support

        Explore and find the support you need with our new look

        Say Hi to the new HUAWEI Support

        Explore The support you need with updated menu’s for easier navigation

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