How to delete my HUAWEI ID

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How to delete my HUAWEI ID
  • Please note that, after the account is deleted, you will not be able to use the account to access Huawei mobile cloud services such as Cloud/AppGallery or third-party applications and games. All personal data related to this account will be permanently deleted.
  • The account password is required to delete the Huawei account, and the mobile phone number/email address bound to the account must be able to receive the verification code normally. If you have forgotten your password or your phone number/email address is unavailable, please refer to: I forgot my HUAWEI ID password, what should I do?.
  • After the Huawei account is deleted, you can use the phone number or Email to register the Huawei account again.

How to delete HUAWEI ID

  • Mobile phone/tablet:

    Go to Settings > HUAWEI ID > Account Security> More> Security Center> Delete account, and then follow the on-screen instructions to delete your HUAWEI ID.

  • Mobile phone/computer browser:

    First log in > Account Security > Security Center > Delete account, and follow the prompts. On the computer browser, you can also Scroll down the page till Delete account is displayed. Click to enter the password to delete the account.

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