My tablet's battery life is short

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My tablet's battery life is short

The power consumption of your tablet may be affected by the battery capacity, screen display, app usage, and network connection. A larger battery capacity indicates a longer battery life, but the actual battery life may vary depending on how you use the tablet.

Power-intensive scenarios

1. Generally, playing games will consume more power than streaming videos, while streaming videos will consume more power than listening to music. Power consumption will also increase when you use power-intensive apps or perform complex operations.

2. Running a large number of apps in the background will increase the power consumption of your tablet.

3. A higher volume or screen brightness of your tablet will result in the tablet consuming more power consumption.

4. Your tablet's battery life will be shortened if you enable notifications for apps, GPS positioning, HD definition, or a high frame rate.

5. In areas with weak signals, your tablet will search for the network frequently, resulting in a higher power consumption.

6. A side button of the tablet is triggered by mistake, resulting in the tablet being unable to enter standby mode. For example, the Power button may be triggered by the gift box or protective case being pressed or held.

Extending your tablet's battery life

Update the system version and app versions.

Update your tablet system and apps to their latest versions to optimize their functionality, performance, and power consumption.

Ensure that the new device is charged so it can self-learn and optimize battery usage.

Use your tablet until the battery level is below 20%, charge your tablet after it has been in standby mode for 10 minutes, and continue charging it for another hour after the battery level reaches 100%.

Extend the battery life when playing games or streaming videos.

Refer to Battery drains quickly during gameplay or live streaming.

Extend the battery life when the screen is on.

1. Close unnecessary apps running in the background in a timely manner by going to the recent tasks screen and touching the delete icon.

2. Disable unwanted software notifications in batches to reduce power consumption by going to Settings > Notifications > Manage all.

3. Enable automatic adjustment and smart resolution by going to Settings > Display & brightness. If the screen brightness or resolution is too high, the power consumption will increase.

4. Adjust the volume to a suitable level. A higher volume will consume more power.

5. Enable power saving mode to reduce power consumption. You can select a power saving mode from Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode and you can also enable Optimize battery usage.

6. It is recommended that you use your tablet in areas with strong signals. Otherwise, your tablet will frequently search for networks or increase its transmit power, resulting in the power consumption increasing.

Extend the battery life when the screen is off.

1. It is recommended that you go to Settings > Accessibility features > Shortcuts & gestures > Wake screen and disable Raise to wake and Double-tap to wake. When either of the two features is enabled, the system will continuously detect the screen-on action when the screen is off, increasing power consumption in standby mode.

2. The stylus and keyboard need to be charged using wireless reverse charging from the tablet. It is recommended that you connect the tablet to a charger to charge the accessories, or charge the accessories when the tablet's battery level is high. Do not charge the accessories when the tablet's battery level is low.

3. Disable Find Device. If you are using your tablet in a fixed area, disable this feature to reduce location information being exchanged when your tablet is in sleep mode by going to Settings > Security > Find Device and disable this feature.

4. It is recommended that you disable Stay connected while sleep. When your tablet is in sleep mode, it can automatically disconnect from the WLAN to reduce power consumption. Go to Settings > Battery > More battery settings and disable Stay connected while sleep.

5 Check whether the tablet fails to enter standby mode because the side button is pressed or the screen is mistouched by foreign objects.

If this issue persists, back up important data and bring your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

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