Setting up the computer and powering on the computer

Applicable products: HUAWEI MateStation B515(amd r5+8gb+1tb hdd、amd r5+8gb*2+512 ssd、amd r5+8gb+256 ssd)
Applicable system: Unrelated to OS version
Applicable products:
Applicable system:
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Setting up the computer and powering on the computer
  1. After you have taken out the computer from the packaging, connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB-A port, use an HDMI cable or a VGA port to connect the display, then connect the power cable to the power port.
    • If you are using a HUAWEI Ultra-Slim Wired Keyboard with Fingerprint, connect it to the USB-A port on the rear side of the computer. After you have enrolled your fingerprint, tap the fingerprint key on the keyboard to unlock it and log in at the same time.
    • The display and some models of keyboard and mouse need to be purchased separately.

  2. After the basic setup is complete, connect the computer to a power supply and press the Power button to restart the computer. After the computer is powered on, follow the onscreen instructions to configure settings for the computer for the first time.

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