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Extra Saving
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HUAWEI Care Extended Warranty, Additional Protection for Your Device.

HUAWEI Care extends the warranty of your new HUAWEI device for 1 year after the expiration of the standard warranty period.

* The terms for maintenance services during Extended Warranty will be the same as the terms of HUAWEI standard warranty available at

* Extended Warranty can only be purchased once per device.

Genuine Spare Parts
100% original spare parts, repair by HUAWEI Customer Service Center.
Manufacture Warranty Remains
Original warranty remains after warranty repair, subject to terms and condition.
Extra Saving on repair cost
Extend the manufacture warranty with an additional year upon the expiry of the standard warranty of product purchased.

Free diagnosis, spare parts and repair labour fee for non-human induced damage, subject to terms and conditions.

* One device is entitled for one time purchase of extended warranty only.
Model and Price

* To avail of the 20% discount on HUAWEI care please visit any of the service center branches listed below

How to Purchase?
Participating Service Center
  • Participating Service Centers
  • Customer Service Center Ilocos
  • Customer Service Center San Lazaro
  • Customer Service Center Greenhills
  • Customer Service Center Iloilo
  • Customer Service Center CDO
  • HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Davao City - Gmall
  • HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Taguig City - Venice
  • HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Quezon City - SM North Edsa
  • HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Mandaluyong City - Podium
  • HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Las Pinas City - SM Southmall
  • HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Cebu City - Escario
  • HUAWEI Authorized Service Center Cavite City - SM Rosario
Bring your device with proof of purchase to the selected HUAWEI Customer Service Center, for verification and purchase the warranty service product.

Query & Claims

Get in touch with us by calling HUAWEI Service Hotline:


Or you can submit a claim request by visiting one of our
HUAWEI Customer Service Centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About
    HUAWEI Care
  • HUAWEI Care -
    Extended Warranty
  • 1.  Q: What is HUAWEI Care?
    A: HUAWEI Care is a range of protection plans for HUAWEI devices purchased from HUAWEI. It consists of a service product: Extended Warranty.
  • 2. Q: Can I claim in other countries?
    A: Customer shall claim in HUAWEI Authorized Service Centers in local country only.
  • 3. Q: Can I purchase multiple times?
    A: One device is only entitled for 1 time purchase of Extended Warranty service product.
  • 4. Q: How to claim HUAWEI Care ?
    A: Please bring over your faulty device and proof of purchase (HUAWEI Care purchase receipt) to the nearest HUAWEI Customer Service Center, our service center staffs will assist you.
  • 5. Q: What documents needed for the claim of HUAWEI Care?
    A: Customer must present the purchase receipt of HUAWEI Care to validate the eligibility. Please keep the receipt properly.
  • 6. Q: What are the differences between HUAWEI Care and the unofficial protection plan?
    A: HUAWEI Care: Customer can check the warranty status in HUAWEI official website and repair/replace genuine screen or spare parts at any HUAWEI Customer Service Center without affecting the original warranty.
    Unofficial protection plan: Unable to check the repair status through HUAWEI official website and also ineligible for original warranty.
  • 1. Q: What is HUAWEI Care – Extended Warranty?
    A: For "HUAWEI Care – Extended Warranty", HUAWEI will provide an additional twelve (12) months extended warranty to the standard warranty of product purchased.
    Terms for the extended warranty will be same as the terms as the original warranty statement stated in
  • 2. Q: How long does it cover under HUAWEI Care – Extended Warranty?
    A: 1 year from the end date of product's standard warranty.
  • 3. Q: What does it cover under HUAWEI Care – Extended Warranty?
    A: Standard HUAWEI Warranty policy remained and applied to the Extended Warranty Plan. Accessories provided with the handset like power adapter, battery, headphones and any other accessories supplied in the box are not covered.
    Customer is advised to check HUAWEI official website relating to the warranty statement from time to time and stay informed for any changes on the terms and conditions of the warranty.
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