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      Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1.Where can I make an appointment for the smart screen onsite service?
        User can make onsite service appointment via official website and Hotline
        1800-1853-5353(Pldt/Smart/Sun Toll-Free)
        1800-8739-5227(Globe Toll-Free)
        Mobile 0923-0990468
        Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00 | English & Tagalog
      • 2.Which products can enjoy onsite service?
        Philippines Huawei Vision
      • 3.Which cities can enjoy onsite service?
        Philippines has nationwide (Free of charge for in warranty repair, onsite fee applied for wall mount bracket installation and out of warranty repair)
      • 4.Do we have service to request onsite support?
        We have Appointment service for our Huawei Vision. Areas available as of the moment are below NCR Cebu Davao are available for appointment via website and hotline, other cities via hotline only, Please call our hotline to set appointment or use our website.
      • 5.What is the service policy of Huawei Vision?
      • 6.What are the service standards for onsite installation and installation of Huawei Vision?
        After purchase, Huawei Vision delivery no charge. Charges will apply for wall mount installations.
      • 7.What is the charging standard for onsite mounting and installation services of Huawei Vision?
        55 inches and 65 inches Huawei Vision wall mount installation Wall mounting rack installation fee of PHP 1,450 (vat inclusive) will be charged for 55 inches and 65 inches HUAWEI Vision (Inclusive of labor fee and transportation fee which is free within 50km from ASC location) Note: additional charges if beyond 50km from ASC location. Huawei certified bracket cost is separate payment.
      • 8.What is the charge for repairing the smart screen (out of the warranty period)?
        Size Out of warranty Labor fee
        Service inspection Wall mount installation Minor Repair Major Repair
        55 inch PHP 500 PHP 1,450 PHP 1,650 PHP 2,000
        65 inch PHP 500 PHP 1,450 PHP 1,650 PHP 2,450
        1.Out of warranty maintenance fee: Labor fee + Transportation fee + Spare part fee (if involved spare part). Refers to the service fee charged by service engineers for providing product maintenance services to users, including the fees for product testing, repair and installation and the sum of the fees for spare part fee generated during maintenance.
        2.Additional transportation charges will be applied if beyond 50km from ASC location.
        3.Service inspection fee: refers to the service fee charged by the service engineer to the consumer if the consumer does not repair the faulty after the fault is detected and can be rectified.
        4.Wall mount installation fee: not include the wall bracket price.
        5.Definition of minor repair: Replace the internal cable, keypad Wi-Fi module, and Bluetooth module,Replace the remote control receiver, speaker, mic board, main board, power board, screen cable, or other components; Replace the power board.
        6.Definition of major repair: Replace the LCD module and (LCM) module.
        7.Transportation fee are as above based on distance from on-site location with nearest Huawei Vision service center.
        ** Vat inclusive for OOW Labor fee
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      • 1.Please prepare your equipment invoice and warranty card in advance.
      • 2.If you cannot accept the onsite service at the scheduled time, please call the hotline
        in advance to contact customer service.