HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

Leap Further Ahead
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Your glimpse into the future - explore the unknown with bold imagination. Leap into the future with unprecedented power and speed. Embrace intelligence in your life and innovative technology on the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro.

6 Things to Love about Your Mate

Powerful 5nm Kirin 9000 5G SoC
huawei mate 40 pro top features chipset
Ultra Vision Cine Camera
huawei mate 40 pro top features rear camera
Ultra Vision Selfie Camera
huawei mate 40 pro top features front camera
66W Wired and 50WWireless HUAWEI SuperCharge
huawei mate 40 pro top features power and charging
New AI Gesture Control
huawei mate 40 pro top features touch-free interaction
In-screen Fingerprint and 3D Face Unlock
huawei mate 40 pro top features dual biometric identification

Recognisable at a Glance, Fascinating in Every Way

Iconic and innovative, HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro is an homage to balance and symmetry. The Space Ring camera system presents you a window to explore the world.

Classic Colours, Timeless Appeal

Mystic Silver
The pure-tone Black glass covers brings out the unexpected wonder and mystery of the night. The Mystic Silver creates a reflective tapestry of light and colour, ever-changing and always charming.
huawei mate 40 pro curved display
huawei mate 40 pro curved display

Brilliance in Your Grasp

The edge-to-edge 88° Horizon Display1offers remarkable immersion, with on-screen content splashed across the surface, streaming colours, icons and text as if spilled from a waterfall. Rounded corners help keep your phone intact, and comfortable to the touch.

In Sync with you

With a 90 Hz screen refresh rate and staggering 240 Hz touch sampling rate2, it's responsive to your commands, at once.

Splash Resistant

Don't worry about water splashes or sudden rain. Rated IP68 for splash, water, and dust resistance3, your HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro is well protected.

Choose your volume controls

You can now adjust the volume with two distinct options — use virtual controls along the edges, or the traditional volume keys.

Comfort Lighting, Eye Protection

The display adjusts the brightness level with remarkable precision for comfortable reading in different conditions.

Vivid colours in every shade

Thanks to its intelligent calibration, the display reveals your favourite content in vivid splendour.

Get Ready for New Possibilities

Packs a punch

Packing more than 15 billion4 transistors, the extremely compact the 5nm Kirin 9000 5G SoC is capable of multi-tasking, processing massive amounts of data, and powering instantly-responsive AI computing with ease.
With a big core clocking at 3.13 GHz and a three-level architecture, the octa-core CPU is tailored for improved performance and power efficiency.
The 240-core Mali-G78GPU offers heightened image processing so you can enjoy immersive gaming experience.
Consisting of Dual Big cores and a Tiny core, the reimagined NPU pushes AI processing to new heights, and applies it across a wide range of functions including camera features, gesture controls and AI-assisted object recognition.

Truly Immersive Gaming

*The game displayed above is ACE RACER.

The 24-core Mali-G78 GPU delivers impressive image processing capabilities for a heightened gaming experience. The 3D audio from the dual speakers, and the simulated vibrations from the linear motor immerse your mind, body and soul in every action

Follows Your Lead

huawei mate 40 pro touch free gesture control
Watch the film
Thanks to an intuitive gesture sensor and upgraded NPU, you can unlock a world of possibility through AI touch-free interactions. Just move your hand up and down, or left and right to browse through your photos or flip through the pages in an e-book. Make a grabbing motion to take a quick screen shot, or hover your hand close to the screen to answer calls, or control audio playback. Want to silence your phone while it's ringing? Just look at it, and the volume will lower automatically.

Let the Speed Blow You Away

5G Super Uplink
When you upload, send or share anything via 5G, you'll be amazed at how quickly it goes through.5
Wi-Fi 6+
HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro works seamlessly with our Wi-Fi 6+ supported routers, to ensure wider signal coverage, stronger signal penetration and more stable connections.
Learn more about HUAWEI Routers.
Collaborative Dual SIMs
5G and 4G SIM cards work in conjunction to power a fast and steady network.6

Every Moment Tells a
Great Story

Ultra Vision Camera

50 MP, f/1.9 aperture, 1/1.28 inch sensor, RYYB colour filter array, Octa PD Autofocus
Astonishing clarity, at all hours.

Ultra Wide Cine Camera

20 MP, f/1.8 aperture
Preserve splendid moments with clear-cut lines and edges.
Record your life stories in cinematic style.

Laser Sensor

Accurate and fast focus.

Telephoto Camera

12 MP, 5x optical zoom7, 10x hybrid zoom8, 50x digital zoom, OIS.
Bring the unseen right before your eyes.

huawei mate 40 pro main camera
huawei mate 40 pro telephoto camera
huawei mate 40 pro wide angle cine camera
huawei mate 40 pro wide angle cine camera
Every Moment Tells a Great Story

Every Frame Brought to Life

Shoot cinematic footage on a mere whim, thanks to the XD Fusion HDR Video mode that renders each frame with faithfully optimised detail, colour, contrast and brightness, via custom multi-exposure imaging. Video quality is significantly enhanced, even in low-light conditions, with little-to-no over-exposure across the image, and the subjects' faces will be remarkably well-lit.

Capture Your Action-Packed Life

Capture Your Action-Packed Life

Relive every adventure without letting a few bumps get in the way. The innovative Steady Shot feature helps you record uncannily stable videos, even while running or skiing.

Stay in Focus

huawei mate 40 pro logo

Competing on the field or racing across the distance, everyone can be kept in focus, in the centre of the frame by the Tracking Shot feature.

Great Clarity In Every Detail

huawei mate 40 pro super clarity sample photo
Keep life fresh and authentic by capturing overlooked details, at any moment — day or night!

Explore The Wide World

huawei mate 40 pro wide angle sample photo
Zoom out to fit more things you love within the frame, with phenomenal corrections for all-too-common wide-angle lens distortion.

Push Further, Discover More


Zoom in to bring distant wonders right in front of you in breathtaking detail.

A New Type of Front Camera

huawei mate 40 pro front camera system
The intelligent Ultra Vision Selfie Camera integrates an enhanced wide-angle front camera and gesture sensor into a smaller notch. You can now take selfies from different perspectives, and shoot fun video selfies with a wide array of enriching video features while using gestures for more intelligent interactions.

Everyone Deserves a Better Selfie

The front 13 MP camera interprets your features and generates stunning selfies that showcase your best attributes — not just of you, but of friends and loved ones — set against stunning backgrounds. The adaptive selfie mode supports three types of wide angles. When it senses that you're taking a groupfie, the suitable wide angle mode will be automatically activated.

Give Your Vlog New Verve

The front camera now supports engaging features like 4K video, ultra wide view recording, front and rear dual-view video, and slow-motion velfies. Start your Vlog with a lot of fun!

Up to F039 FPS Slow-motion Video Selfie

Up to F039 FPS Slow-motion Video Selfie

With up to 240 FPS 1080P Slow-Motion video selfie, every beautiful moment receives more time and appreciation.

One story - two perspectives

huawei mate 40 pro logo

Capture the whole story using the front and back cameras at once. The same moment, but double fun.

Your New Vlog Partner

huawei mate 40 pro ring light case

Your New Vlog Partner

What you get is a fancy phone case and great photography assistance. Touch the button, and the ring light will pop up and apply professional lighting, ensuring that your face and profile look stunning, even in low-light environments.*

*Only compatible with HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro glass version. Sold separately.

Refuel at any moment

*The video is for function illustration.
The 4400 mAh9 large-capacity battery, upgraded 66 W HUAWEI SuperCharge10 and 50 W Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge11 work together to make power drain a thing of the past. Take any free moment to refuel, and carry on with your day, full speed ahead.

All Upgraded Charging Accessories

HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (Max 50 W)
huawei mate 40 pro 50w wireless charger
HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger (Max 50 W)
huawei mate 40 pro 50w wireless car charger
HUAWEI SuperCharge Car Charger (Max 66 W)
huawei mate 40 pro 66w wired car charger
HUAWEI F12000 66 W SuperCharge Power Bank
huawei mate 40 pro 66w power bank
Each charging accessory is a separate purchase.

EMUI 11, Speedier Than Ever.

Thanks to the Deterministic Latency Engine which optimises the system running speed, and the new animation design based on user habits and preferences, you will experience the fastest yet version of EMUI - EMUI 11.

Fun at a Glimpse

video fallback

Fun at a Glimpse

Glance at the front camera when the screen is off, to view a customised Eyes on Display with your favourite gif or picture — it can brighten up your day in an instant.

Talk, Share, and Experience Together

huawei mate 40 pro meetime
HUAWEI MeeTime connects you with friends and loved ones at any time or place. Enjoy HD video calls and easy phone screen sharing.12

Multi-Window, Multi‑Tasking

huawei mate 40 pro multi-screen collaboration
The upgraded Multi-screen Collaboration feature now supports simultaneous display of multiple phone apps on your PC. Whether it's online shopping using various platforms, or watching a video while commenting in a chat group, you can have it all on a single screen.13
Learn more about HUAWEI MateBook.
huawei mate 40 pro emui 11 floating window
huawei mate 40 pro emui 11 notepad
huawei mate 40 pro and huawei m-pen 2
Floating Window: Keep Your Apps on Tap

The new resizable floating window allows you to instantly reply a message or create a memo, without interrupting your current task. It can be accessed from the app dock, and shrunk into an unobtrusive bubble, so that you can easier move between apps.

Easy Text Extraction, Quick Sharing

In the upgraded Notepad, you can extract text from images, and even continuously scan multiple images or convert notes into text files for easy sync and share.

Create without Borders

Write, draw or sketch with the new HUAWEI M-Pen 2 and bring all of your ideas to life on a responsive low-latency display. The stylus also works on multiple devices, and picks up where it left off on the other screen, phone-to-phone or phone-to-tablet.
Learn more about HUAWEI MatePad.

*Sold separately. Supports up to four devices. Compatible with HUAWEI’s Mate 40 series, Mate 30 series and HUAWEI MatePad models that run EMUI 11. More HUAWEI devices will be added later.

Twice as Safe, Twice as Accessible

huawei mate 40 pro privacy and security
The 3D Face Unlock feature works in dark and bright environments. Simply by looking at your phone it will recognise you and unlock with just a quick glimpse. Alternatively, just touch and hold, and use your fingerprint to access your phone easily.

Privacy and Security

Share Your Moments, Not Your Data
Before sending a picture via Huawei Share, you can opt to delete sensitive information like the time, location and camera specs.
Keep Your Notes Private
Keep your ideas in Notepad under lock-and-key, with an additional access verification safeguard — it's quick, safe, and easy to use.
Safe App Switch: Sorry, No Peeking!
Dedicated blurring effects conceal detailed info from the previous app when switching to another app, walling off cross-app data sharing.
Keep Your Messages Private
Your phone can recognise you, and safeguard on-screen content from prying eyes. This intelligent feature can hide the notification details and re-lock the apps, if it detects that someone else is looking at your screen.
Choose Access For Apps
Enhanced access controls ensure that apps are only allowed a minimum level of access to the phone's microphone, camera or location information.
A Secure System
EMUI 11 comes with rigorous, comprehensive privacy and security safeguards. The microkernel of TEE system has obtained the globally prestigious CC EAL 5+ certification, the highest level assigned to terminal-device operating systems.
  1. All data has been obtained within Huawei lab test environments. The display is provided by multiple suppliers. The display effect may slightly vary. Huawei ensures the consistency of product specifications.
  2. The screen refresh rate and touch sampling rate may vary depending on different scenarios.
  3. This product is rated as IP68 for splash, water, and dust resistance under IEC standard 60529 and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance may decrease over time with normal use. Do not attempt to charge a wet product. Warranty does not cover liquid damage.
  4. All data has been obtained within Huawei lab test environments.
  5. This feature needs support from your carrier.
  6. Only available in dual SIM version.
  7. HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro supports approximately 5x optical zoom with 125 mm focal length.
  8. Multiple cameras work in conjunction to deliver the 10x hybrid zoom effects.
  9. Typical value. The battery rated capacity is 4300 mAh. Based on results from HUAWEI Lab tests. Actual battery life depends on actual usage situation.
  10. F044 is the maximum charging power, and can only be reached when the dedicated 66 W HUAWEI SuperCharge charger and cable are used.
  11. 50 W is the maximum wireless charging power, and can only be reached when the dedicated HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand (Max 50 W is used, which is a separate purchase.
  12. Only available in select markets. This feature works between HUAWEI phones, tablets and laptops. Please consult with HUAWEI Customer Services for more details.
  13. Available only in select countries. This feature is supported on select Huawei mobile phones running EMUI 11 and above, and select HUAWEI MateBooks running Computer Manager 11.0 and above. Not all file types and applications support this function. Please contact Huawei Customer Service Center for more details.