Unable to charge a phone or tablet

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Unable to charge a phone or tablet

Check whether the charging port is functioning normally

Check whether the charging port of your phone or tablet is blocked, mouldy, corroded, or damaged. If so, take your phone or tablet to an authorised Huawei Customer Service Centre for assistance.

If your device has not been used for a long time

If your device hasn't been used for a long time or hasn't been charged in a timely manner after being powered off due to a low battery level, or if the battery overdischarges, your device may need more time to activate the battery. It is recommended that you charge your device for at least 30 minutes and then check whether it is charging successfully.

If your device stops charging when the battery reaches 80%

Some Huawei phone models have added the smart charging mode, which is a battery protection mechanism powered by AI smart charging management that effectively prolongs the battery lifespan. Refer to Phone or tablet stops charging when the charging progress reaches 80%, and other FAQs related to Smart Charge for troubleshooting.

Check the device's temperature

Move to a warmer environment before charging. Your device will charge slowly or won't charge at all when the temperature falls below 10℃.

Use the charger that came with your device

Use the standard charger and charging cable. There may be a compatibility issue between non-Huawei chargers and your phone or tablet, resulting in the phone or tablet being unable to charge.

Perform cross-verification

Try using a charger and charging cable that can charge other devices normally to charge your device to check whether your charger and charging cable are faulty.

If the charger and charging cable are functioning normally but the phone or tablet still cannot be charged, the device may be faulty. Back up important data, then bring your device, charger, charging cable, and proof of purchase to a nearby Huawei Customer Service Centre for assistance.

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