My phone screen has broken

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My phone screen has broken

Due to the fact that they are made of glass, phone screens break quite easily. Here are some ideas for fixing and preventing broken screens.

Safety Precautions

  1. Please be extra careful when using your device with cracked/broken screen as they can easily cut your fingers.
  2. Additionally, please be reminded that your device will be exposed to elements such as dust or dirt when the screen is broken/cracked causing further damages to the hardware of the device.


  1. Please note, product damage caused by external forces or human actions is not covered under warranty.
  2. If your screen has been broken, it is recommended that you back up the data in advance and visit the nearby Huawei Customer Service Centre for maintenance.

Product care

  1. Use a Huawei protective case and avoid dropping your phone during daily use.
  2. Install a tempered glass screen protector to protect the phone screen.
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