The phone or tablet charges slowly

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The phone or tablet charges slowly

Use the standard charger and data cable

Chargers of different brands may have different fast charging principles. If you use a charger other than the standard one, it may not support fast charging.

The device cannot enter fast charging mode

If your phone or tablet supports fast charging but fails to enter fast charging mode, the charging speed will be slow. In this case, refer to The phone cannot enter fast charging or super fast charging mode to troubleshoot.

The device charges slowly when being used

Avoid running power-intensive apps (such as camera, video recording, and gaming apps) while charging.

It takes longer to charge the device with a computer or power bank using a USB cable

  • The charge current of the USB port on the computer is low, resulting in slow charging.
  • Power banks generally only support standard charging. It is recommended that you use a power bank that supports fast charging.

Slow charging due to low temperature

For safety reasons, the battery of the product is designed as follows:

  • Your device will stop charging when its temperature falls below 0°C.
  • The charge current will be limited when your device's temperature falls between 0℃ to 10℃.
  • Your device will charge as normal when its temperature is above 10°C.

If the issue persists, back up important data and take your device, charger, data cable, and proof of purchase to an authorised Huawei Customer Service Centre for assistance.

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