How to use AI Cinema modes?

Applicable products:

HUAWEI Mate 20,    HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro,    HUAWEI Mate 20 X,    

Start With
Thanks to Kirin 980's real-time object recognition capabilities and customized NPUs, the Mate 20 series features an AI Cinema mode. It allows you to use different cinema effects and see them in real-time.
Follow these steps
Open the Camera and select Video. The AI Cinema mode is automatically activated. Just tap and select the cinema effect you want to use.
Background Blur
The camera allows you to shoot videos with bokeh effect. If you follow a person around a room, the background is blurred, while the subject remains crystal clear.
AI Color
When you activate this feature, only the subject you are following remains in color, while everything else is filmed in black and white. This effect works for people, pets and even objects.
Vintage, Suspense or Fresh
The AI Cinema mode allows you to play with the hue, the saturation and the brightness of your video. Choose between the three filters and apply them to shoot clips with real-time artistic effects.
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