Tips on using the Pro Camera mode

Applicable products:

HUAWEI Mate 20,    HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro,    HUAWEI Mate 20 X,    

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Do you want to get the most out of your phone's camera? Try using the Pro mode to take unique and personalized photos like a true professional
Follow these steps
Pro Mode
Open the Camera and select Pro to enter the Pro mode.

On the Pro mode, select to choose the metering mode.
You can choose between;

- Matrix (recommanded for broad landscapes)
- Center (when the subject is in the center of the scene and stands out from the background)
- Spot (when the subject to be highlited in the picture is relatively small).
Metering Mode
ISO Settings
On the Pro mode, tap and swipe the slider Left or Right to adjust its value.

For daytime pictures the recommended ISO is between
100 and 200

In low-light conditions use an ISO value above the 400 mark.
EV Settings
In the Pro mode you can compensate exposure by using the EV function.Tap on the screen and use the slider to increase or decrease the brightness. The camera will automatically determine the ambient light and will alert you if the exposure is too high or too low by displaying and .
Shutter Speed
Select and use the slider to adjust the shutter speed.

For static scenes the recommended shutter speed is between 1/80 and 1/125; use a higher speed when trying to capture moving subjects.

For best results also use a tripod when photographing dynamic scenes.
AF Settings
If you want to manually set the AF mode, touch and select the desired mode. You can choose between AF-S mode (recommanded for static scenes), AF-C mode (recommanded for moving scenes) and MF mode (when you want to manually adjust the focus on a specific object).
White Balance
The Pro mode allows you to control the White Balance.
Select to allow the device to automatically set the white balance.

- Choose when shooting in cloudy conditions.
- Choose in low-light conditions.
- Choose when shooting in incandescent light
- Choose when shooting under sunlight.
- Choose to manually adjust the color temperature. Set a higher K value if you want your pictures to have a cozy, nostalgic tone; a lower K value gives your photos a cold, calm or futuristic tone.
White Balance Modes
Horizontal Level
The Pro mode helps you to take perfectly leveled pictures. Just touch and enable Horizontal level. After this feature is enabled, two horizontal guidelines will appear in the view finder. When the dotted line overlaps the solid one, the camera is horizontally aligned.
Raw Format
If you want to save the pictures in RAW format, touch , select Resolution and enable RAW format.

Now the pictures taken in Pro mode will be saved both in RAW and standard JPG format. Raw files are minimally
post-processed images which can be easily used in professional editing software.
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