What is an OTA update

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A software update is a free download of an operating system or a software suite that provides enhancements, feature upgrades and fixes, as well as security patches. The easiest way to perform an update is via OTA servers.
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HOTA or Huawei

HOTA or Huawei-Over-the-Air is the standard official OTA update pushed via Huawei servers.This is the type of upgrade typically released for every Huawei smartphone in Europe.

FOTA or Firmware

FOTA stands for Firmware-Over-the-Air and is the same as HOTA. In this case, however, the software release servers can be hosted via third party companies, such as network operators.

It is not a common practice for Huawei.

OTA or Over-the-Air

OTA stands for Over-the-Air update and it is a wireless method of delivering new software or firmware to mobile phones and tablets. The OTA update can be either automatic or manual.

In the first case, the firmware update is pushed through to the customer's device automatically, while the manual update notifies the user about an available upgrade and he can accept or refuse to download and install the new software version on his device.
The OTA updates are a very efficient way to upgrade software, fix bugs, add or remove apps and update or change the user interface.
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