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The Mate 20 series features Super HDR technology, which improves the camera performance in difficult lighting conditions.
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The dynamic range is the difference between the brightest and the darkest elements of a picture. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a process which increases this dynamic range beyond what is captured by the camera's sensors. This way you can take photos with a higher dynamic range, fewer noise and clearer details.
Mate 20 series features the Super HDR technology, which takes up to 10 images of various exposures and combines them into one well-balanced picture in RAW format.

To activate this mode, open the Camera, go to More and tap HDR. If you want to turn it off, simply press X next to HDR and go back to normal shooting.
Final Result
You can use the HDR mode in low-lighting conditions, to raise the overall level of brigthness, or when shooting outdoor or landscape scenes, when you often have both dark and bright areas. For best results, we recommend using a tripod for minimum camera movement during shooting.

When you shoot in HDR mode, the camera captures several pictures in quick succesion, each having a different exposure value. The software then combines these images into a single photo, which provides sharper details from both the darkest and the brightest areas.

This way you get accurate pictures of what your eyes see or even amazing artistic photos, which transform reality in high-definiton landscapes.
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Grab your phone and try out this feature! You might just be surprised of what your Mate 20 series device can do!
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