HUAWEI Mobile Cloud

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud

Here and Anywhere

When you register for a HUAWEI ID and enable Cloud, you'll get 5GB of space for free. You can also manage your data quickly and easily by logging in to

Store the things that matter to you, and access them across all of your devices. HUAWEI Mobile Cloud makes managing your data secure and flexible, with automatic back-ups, cross-device synchronization, and mislaid device tracking.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud KV

Cloud backup

Rest easy with scheduled data backups

With Cloud backup, you can schedule automatic cloud backups for the data on your phone, including images, contacts, calendars, notes, messages, and even data for some third party apps. That means if you lose your phone or get a new one, you can transfer everything over with one touch of a button.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup


HUAWEI Mobile Cloud backup



A space for curating memories

Free your inner shutterbug! Gallery sync enables you to save all of your images and videos to the cloud, so changes made on one device will take effect across all of your devices. It's never been easier to manage, download, and appreciate each and every masterpiece.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud Gallary

Find Device

Track down mislaid devices

Use Find Device to see your device's location and make it sound a tone so you can find it easier. If you still can't spot it, you can remotely put it into lost mode or wipe its data, so you don't have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud Find Device


Help you to stay on top of your work

HUAWEI Docs is an office suite for mobile devices that lets you create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and annotate PDFs. It also privides cloud storage and cross-device file syncing capabilites via Drive, ensuring that all your documents stay fully encrypted, secure and up to date.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud Docs

Huawei Drive

An easy way to save your files

Huawei Drive allows you to freely save your phone's images, audio, videos, documents, compressed packages, and apps to the cloud. On your phone, open the Files app and access Huawei Drive, use the HUAWEI Cloud PC client, or log in to to quickly and conveniently manage or save your data.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud Drive

Defend your data, protect your privacy

9 layers of security keep your data secure

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud provides you with comprehensive security for all your data, so there's no way it will be seen by anyone who you don't want to see it.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud privacy

Keep on top of your data

Access HUAWEI Mobile Cloud at any time, and on any device, by simply logging in to From there, you can manage your stored data on the go, whether that's checking a reminder, locating a device, or even wiping your data.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud data

Enable Cloud on your phone

Open Settings from your phone's home screen, log in to your HUAWEI ID, select Cloud, and enable the features you need.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud phone

1. Open Settings

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud phone

2. Log into your HUAWEI ID

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud phone

3. Touch Cloud

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud phone

4. Cloud enabled

For the best experience, we recommend that you update HUAWEI Mobile Cloud and EMUI to the latest version.

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