My HUAWEI phone/tablet freezes or responds slowly

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My HUAWEI phone/tablet freezes or responds slowly

System update-related freezing/lag occurs because the system optimizes apps after an update. Optimization lasts up to a week. To reduce the chance of freezing or lag following a system update, it is recommended, following an update, to charge the device with the screen off for at least 2 hours. Check whether freezing or lag disappears after one week.

Clear background apps

Too many apps running in the background may use too much memory, causing lag. An easy way to close all running apps is to restart your device.

Regularly clean device storage with Phone Manager/Tablet Manager

To free up storage space, open Phone Manager/Tablet Manager, touch Cleanup, then follow the onscreen instructions to delete unnecessary files and/or uninstall rarely used apps. For best results, it is recommended that you keep at least 20% free storage space on your device.

Uninstall rarely used apps

To uninstall an app, touch and hold down on its icon, and touch Uninstall.

Reset phone

If the above steps have not resolved the problem, you can reset your device. Make sure to back up important data before you do this. Check if the issue is resolved after the reset. If not, take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.

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