Playback issues with 4K videos on a computer

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Playback issues with 4K videos on a computer


When trying to play 4K videos on a computer that have been recorded with a Huawei phone, various issues occur, such as being unable to play the videos, screen artifacts, or freezing.


Most computer video players do not support 4K and H.265 videos.


Try the following:

  • Download a video player that supports 4K and H.265 playback.
  • Play the 4K video on a mobile phone.
  • During video recording, select the H.264 video format, which offers higher compatibility and a lower resolution.

Recording 4K videos consumes a lot of power and can cause your phone to overheat. To avoid possible damage, a maximum recording duration of 10 minutes is set for 4K videos. Recording automatically stops when the time limit is reached.

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