What payment methods can be used to purchase paid apps in AppGallery?

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What payment methods can be used to purchase paid apps in AppGallery?

Paid apps currently only support payment through HUAWEI In-App Payment. Payment can be made using Bank cards, Mobile payment, HUAWEI Points or third-party payment.

Touch to purchase an app and you will then be taken to the HUAWEI In-App Purchases payment page.

If the HUAWEI Wallet app is not installed, a HUAWEI Wallet installation prompt will appear.

Related questions:

1、Why is there no three-party payment, mobile payment, or Huawei points options in my Payment Methods list?

If the Payment Method list does not show the above options, it means that the payment methods are currently not supported in your country. Please use a bank card to pay. We will cover more countries or regions in the future, please stay tuned.

instructions: If the HUAWEI Points method isn’t available, it's possible that your HMS version is not the latest one: make sure you always have the latest HMS version by going to phone Settings > HUAWEI ID > Settings > Check for updates. Install the latest version if required.

If you still can't see HUAWEI Points as a payment method, it means that this method of payment is not available in your country.

2、Which bank cards or carriers does In-App Payment support?

If your Payment methods list has Bank cards or Mobile payment option, you can check the supported cards in the “Enter bank card information” page or view the supported carriers in the “Select carrier” page.

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