Warranty Policy
1. Preface
We sincerely hope you would be satisfied with the new product. Based on laws and regulations applicable to the protection of consumer rights and interests in the Philippines and Huawei's policies, Huawei Technologies Phils. Inc. formulates Huawei's product warranty policy, according to which you could return, replace, or repair the products. We are willing to provide related services.
2. Warranty services
    2.1. Warranty object and scope
    2.1.1 Accessories
    2.2. Warranty services
    2.2.1 Replacement services Replacement Period
    Within 7 calendar days after purchasing (counting the date of purchase), if a non-human performance fault occurs on the device, you can replace it with the same model and specification, or require an in-warranty repair. Replacement Guide
  1. (1) If you purchased the product in a retail store, please go to the store to apply for replacement.
  2. (2) If you purchased the product on the online store, please apply for replacement according to the guide on the website.
  3. (3) Please back up and delete your personal data before returning the device.
  4. (4) It is recommended that you check the following list before applying for replacement:
Service Type The host and accessories are complete. The packing box is complete. Invoice without altering
    2.2.2 Maintenance services
    1. Free Maintenance Period
    2. (1) Free Maintenance service of Accessories:
    3. a) Within the warranty period, if a performance fault that is not caused by human damage occurs on the accessories, you could enjoy free maintenance services.
    4. Product Name warranty period Remark
      Accessories with Mobile Phone & Tablet
      Headset(with Handset) 3 months
      Cable(with Handset) 6 months
      Charger(with Handset) 6 months
      Protector(cover, film) No warranty
      Accessories with Laptop
      Mate Dock 12 months
      Two in one Keyboard 12 months
      M-Pen 12 months
      Mouse 12 months
      PC Charger 12 months
      Accessories with Desktop
      Keyboard 12 months In box
      Mouse 12 months In box
      Power Cord 12 months In box
      Desktop Monitor (AD80) 12 months Separate box
      Accessories with IOT and Wearable
      Removable strap No warranty
      Charger(with Handset) 6 months
      Accessories for Independent Sales
      Wired headset
      Independent package
      Others product:6 months No physical damage
      Specify product:12 months Active Noise Canceling Earphones
      Bluetooth Speaker 12 months
      Bluetooth Headset 12 months
      Power bank 6 months
      Charger 6 months Acc-Charger, Quick Charger, Super Charger, travel chargers,
      12 months Car Charger, Wireless Charger,
    5. b) For accessories for independent sale, the starting date of the warranty period is the date when the purchase receipt or Proof of Purchase (hereinafter referred to as POP) is issued. The POP can also refer to the invoice, invoice copy, and product warranty card. If you are unable to provide the POP, then the warranty start date will be 90 days after the manufactured date (as indicated by the device’s serial number). For details, you could click "https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/support/warranty-query/" to check whether the device is within the warranty period.
    6. c) For accessories with device, the after-sales service shall be provided according to the valid warranty certificate of the host machine. If both the invoice and warranty card of the host machine are lost, the serial number of the host machine shall be used as the accessory to calculate whether the host machine is within the warranty period.
    7. d) The warranty period is based on Philippine laws. Accessories launched before November 2019 are not covered by this warranty. Until now, only HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Charger (CP61-Seal)/ HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Charger (CP39S)/FreeBuds 3 (CM-H-Shark) and accessories inside the box of tablet, phones, laptops, wearables can claim the warranty at any Huawei authorized service center. For accessories not included in this list, please return to the store of purchase and ask for the warranty support. Huawei will update the warranty policy one by one for the new launched models.
    8. e) The replacement period of accessories will be 7 days from purchase date. For details, please consult Huawei Authorized Service Center and hotline.
  1. Maintenance Guide
  2. (1) You could click the following link to find the nearest Huawei authorized service center:
  3. (2) Please back up your personal data before maintenance.
  4. (3) It is recommended to carry the POP when sending the device for maintenance.
  5. Commitment of Maintenance Quality
  6. Parts of the device that have been replaced and repaired outside the warranty period/ warranty coverage, and thus paid for by the customer, shall have a 90-day warranty period.
  7. Note: Only accessories that have a service warranty can avail of the 90 day parts replacement policy.
  8. 2.2.3 Non-warranty scope
  9. Non-warranty scope of accessories
  10. (1) The accessories, such as the protective film, protective cover, and protective case that are not covered by warranty are specified during the purchase.
  11. (2) No valid maintenance vouchers and valid invoices (excluding those that can prove that the products are within the warranty period).
  12. (3) Product damage caused by accidental or man-made behavior and liquid injection.
  13. (4) The accessories do not belong to the original manufacturer.
  • 3. Other content statements
    1. 3.1. The preceding clauses only apply to Huawei terminal products sold in the Philippines territory.
    2. 3.2. The specific models that can be guaranteed in the Philippines are provided in the official website.
    3. 3.3. Huawei is not responsible for any other commitments that are made by the seller to the customer which are not guaranteed by Huawei.