Health at a Glance1 | eSIM Cellular Calling2 |
Compatible with Android and iOS Phones3


Wear the universe on your wrist,
And take a trip into the furthest reaches of space;
With just a glance at your watch,
It’s specially crafted to take your imagination into overdrive,
So that you can explore time, space,
and the great unknown.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 character creation

Futuristic Planetary Aesthetics

Mirror Stainless Steel Case, 3D Curved Glass, LTPO Always-on Display

HUAWEI WATCH 4 highlight

More Ways to Stay Fit

Fresh-new Activity Rings, Route Back with Map, 100+ Workout Modes Like Diving and Mountain Hikes

HUAWEI WATCH 4 highlight

Rugged and Durable

Stainless Steel Case, 5 ATM and Diving-level Water Resistance9

HUAWEI WATCH 4 highlight

Health on Wrist

Health at a Glance,1 ECG,4
Health Trend Analysis5

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Two Battery Modes

Wireless SuperCharge, Charge for
15 Minutes, Wear for a Day6



Typical usage under
Standard mode

Up to


Battery Life mode

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Smart Experience

eSIM Cellular Calling,2 Standalone Navigation, Brand New Interactions, Compatible with Android
and iOS Phones3

HUAWEI WATCH 4 highlight

Futuristic Planetary


A Universe on
Your Wrist

HUAWEI WATCH 4 shows you glamour at just a glimpse, with its shimmering 316L stainless steel case and 3D curved glass. Pair the watch with a breathtaking planet watch face to bring the vastness of space right before your eyes.

Planet Lights Up
on Your Wrist

With the watch's LTPO screen and fresh AOD watch faces, you can see key information at a glance.10

HUAWEI WATCH 4 AOD watch face HUAWEI WATCH 4 AOD watch face
HUAWEI WATCH 4 watch face

Put Your Best Face Forward

There's truly a watch face for every occasion, with different themes, including a Discovery Series for the cosmic and spectacular, and a Photography series for timeless everyday moments. Choose from more than 20,000 intuitive designs,11 feel free to mix and match, and marvel at what you've chosen!

HUAWEI WATCH 4 screen-to-body ratio

Shows More of
What You Want

The watch's 1.5-inch screen is specially crafted for your viewing comfort, with ultra-narrow bezel and a 72%+ sky-high screen-to-body ratio, delivering a clear, concise layout.


Black bezel reduced by12


Phone-Free Smart

Go Ahead,
Make the Call

This watch keeps you plugged in phone-free, with eSIM One number and eSIM Standalone Number.2 Make calls, send and receive SMS messages13 all on your watch.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 standalone navigation HUAWEI WATCH 4 standalone navigation

Never Been Easier!

No phone? No problem! Get real-time location and route information with just a glance on your wrist when walking or on a bike.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 standalone navigation
HUAWEI WATCH 4 entertainment HUAWEI WATCH 4 entertainment

Wealth of
Third-Party Apps

Listen to your favorite tunes and browse your favourite apps14 covering payment, sports, navigation, while giving your phone the rest it deserves.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 entertainment

Fresh New Interactions

HUAWEI WATCH 4 brand-new interaction

With more than 100 widgets covering health, lifestyle services, and fitness, just swipe left and scroll through to get what you want.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 brand-new interaction

Floating task ball allows you to minimise what you've opened, whether it's a call, workout, stopwatch, timer, or alarm, and return to the task at any time.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 brand-new interaction

Customisable Quick bar gives you access to most frequently-used features, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Even More Compatible

The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android, for greater ease of use.3

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Compatibility

Health Has Never
Been So Handy

Get a Handle on
Your Health

Health Glance1 tracks seven key indicators all at one time, including the heart rate, SpO2 level, respiratory overview, and cardiovascular health, the results of which can be printed out and shared. Find the analysis and more on the HUAWEI Health app.

Click to check updated HUAWEI Health
HUAWEI WATCH 4 health glance
HUAWEI WATCH 4 health glance
HUAWEI WATCH 4 health glance

Track Your Health

Beat-by-Beat ECG Analysis6

New and improved electrode technology has made ECG signal collection more accurate and responsive. Just touch the electrode on the side for 30 seconds to get real-time data that can help you screen for common heart conditions at the earliest opportunity.

*Data obtained during the use of this app is for reference only, and should not be used for medical research, diagnostic, or treatment purposes. Please read the Instructions thoroughly before using.

Manage Your Heart Health

Get alerts when your heart rate strays high or low, or arrhythmia is detected, thanks to an 8-channel heart rate sensor and ECG signal collection.15

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Cardiovascular Health Management
Respiratory check,
Care for Your Every Breath

Breathe easy, with comprehensive check designed to give at-risk users the peace of mind they deserve.16

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Respiratory Health Management
Deep Sleep Every Night

Hit the hay with a sleep tracker that's tailored to you, and get accurate sleep and wake-up times, nap recognition, and science-based tips on how to rest easy every night.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 sleepment
HUAWEI WATCH 4 sleepment

Health Trends and

HUAWEI WATCH 4 health trend resports

Stay informed of abnormal heart rate, and SpO2 readings as soon as they occur, and view graphs of long-term health trends in the ever-handy HUAWEI Health app.17

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Family Care
HUAWEI WATCH 4 Family Care

Family Care

This watch is for your family members as well. It will remind you when your family members' heart rate and SpO2 are abnormal, and can detect if a family member has fallen by providing an automatic emergency call pop-up.18

HUAWEI WATCH 4 workout modes

The Better Way to Work Out

Choose from 100+ workout modes, including niche outdoor activities like free dives and hikes. The mountain hiking watch face displays trail-ready data covering altitude, atmospheric pressure, step count, location, and SpO2. Lost your way? Just enable route back with map to make it back to your starting point, safe and sound.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Activity rings

Your Daily Activity Tracker

Set goals for each Activity Ring, such as calories burnt, training time, and hours active, with reminders and inspirational advice - to help you live every day to the fullest.

More Power
to You

Two Battery Modes

HUAWEI WATCH 4 comes equipped with dual battery life modes.

In Standard mode,9 you can enjoy smooth interaction and use the Health Glance app, standalone calling, and phoneless navigation.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 two battery modes


3 days9

Typical usage under
Standard mode

In Ultra-long Battery Life mode,10 features such as workout, health monitoring, Bluetooth hands-free calling, and communications can be used easily.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 two battery modes


Up To

14 days10

Ultra-long Battery
Life mode
for given conditions

8 days19

Ultra-long Battery
Life mode
for typical usage

Fast Charging for Instant Power

A 15-minute wireless fast charge gives enough power for a whole day,8 and a full charge takes only 60 minutes.20 This watch is packed with a graphene 3D heat dissipation system, to boost heat dissipation by 24%.21

HUAWEI WATCH 4 heat dissipation system
Rugged and Durable

The 316L stainless steel case provides all-round protection, while water resistance9 supports free diving to a maximum depth of 30 m. 5 ATM and IP6X water and dust resistance22 protect your watch against liquid spills and damage while underwater.

HUAWEI WATCH 4 Enormous Strength

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