HUAWEI nova Y72

6,000 mAh Super Battery⁠1  |  X Button Easy to Apps⁠2

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Reasons to Love

6,000 mAh Super

HUAWEI nova Y72 Top Features

FullView Display4

HUAWEI nova Y72 Top Features

22.5 W

HUAWEI nova Y72 Top Features

50 MP
AI Dual

HUAWEI nova Y72 Top Features

X Button Easy to Apps2

HUAWEI nova Y72 Top Features

256 GB Large Storage

HUAWEI nova Y72 Top Features

Stunning Starry
Circle Design

Experience the alluring starry circle design, attentively balanced in details, and enjoy a delicate and comfortable grip with the frosted textured body.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Appearance
HUAWEI nova Y72 Appearance
HUAWEI nova Y72 Appearance
HUAWEI nova Y72 Appearance
  • Green
  • Black
  • Jade-like look with an elegant feel.
  • Puts the pure night sky in the palm of your hand.

X Button to Take
You to Your Apps2

Press the X Button to open a screen that takes you to your most frequently used apps. You can also effortlessly access ride codes, payment codes, torch, call a specific contact,6 and more with just a double press or hold down on the button.

HUAWEI nova Y72 X Button HUAWEI nova Y72 X Button

Feast Your Eyes
on a Vast Screen

Experience a 6.75-inch screen, and treat your eyes with Eye Comfort and E-book modes designed for optimal eye soothing.7

HUAWEI nova Y72 Display

Power Up Twice for
the Entire Week8

With our Super Battery System, massive 6,000 mAh battery, and HUAWEI SuperCharge, you can rest assured that your phone's always got enough juice.

22.5 W HUAWEI SuperCharge5

31 hours of local video playback9

20 layers of charging safeguards10

HUAWEI nova Y72 Battery

Tap the Shutter for a
Shot at Brilliance

HUAWEI nova Y72 Camera

Macro Camera

High-Res Camera3 50 MP

Front Camera 8 MP

HUAWEI nova Y72 Rear Camera

HD Photography

Relive memories and capture new moments in all their splendour, with lifelike images that take you back to the scene.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Rear Camera

Super Night Shot

Take night shots that show true-to-life contrast between light and shadow to light up your life, with advanced highlight suppression.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Rear Camera

Macro Shooting

Close in on miniature worlds as little as 4 cm away,⁠11 and explore away.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Rear Camera

AI Snapshot

Capture the moment before it's lost with a camera that's got your back.

Spectacular Selfies

Capture your best self, and elevate your best features with special settings like Beauty mode.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Front Facing Camera

Beauty Selfie

HUAWEI nova Y72 Front Facing Camera

HDR Selfie

Capture, Store, and Enjoy

With 256 GB of space at your disposal, you can have it all! Download favourite episodes and movies, without ever having to delete the photos and videos you cherish most.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Storage
HUAWEI nova Y72 EMUI 12

Seamless AI Life

Super Device,
Smart Collaboration

Drag to connect to multiple HUAWEI devices via Super Device,12 to watch on the big screen while listening through headphones or speakers.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Super Device

Custom Service Widgets

Craft your perfect home screen layout, and find what you need without lifting a finger.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Widgets

Attentive and Accessible

Simple Mode enlarges on-screen content and raises volume levels, so that users of all ages can browse in comfort.

HUAWEI nova Y72 Simple Mode

Meet you at MeeTime

MeeTime supports multi-party calls with multi-device participation. You can access HD voice and video calls13 anytime and anywhere.

Learn more about MeeTime >
HUAWEI nova Y72 MeeTime


  1. The typical value of the battery is 6,000 mAh, and its rated capacity is 5900 mAh. The battery is non-removable. The data comes from Huawei labs.
  2. The apps need to be set up first for X button usage.
  3. The maximum output of the rear main camera is 50 MP, and can only be achieved in High resolution mode. The actual output effects shall vary.
  4. The screen measures 6.75 inches diagonally across, assuming a standard rectangle. The actual display area may be smaller than the stated value, due to the presence of rounded corners.
  5. 22.5 W is the maximum wired charging power, and can only be reached when the official HUAWEI SuperCharge charger and cable are used. Actual charging power may vary depending on the scenario.
  6. Before using this feature, you need to add the specified contact as a home screen shortcut.
  7. This product is not a medical treatment device and is not intended for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
  8. Data comes from Huawei labs, where the battery is charged from 3% to 100% under specific testing conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on the device, usage habits, and environmental factors.
  9. Data comes from Huawei labs and it obtained by adjusting the brightness to 60 nits,airplane mode on,using the headsets at a medium volume level,and playing a single local video source. Actual playback duration may vary depending on the scenario.
  10. The 20 layers of protection include fast charging protection and USB port protection.
  11. The macro lens supports a 2 MP resolution and a shooting range of 4 cm.
  12. This feature is only applicable to certain Huawei devices. The device needs to be logged in to the same HUAWEI ID, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Devices previously connected to your phone will be recognised as trusted devices and be listed under Super Device. For more information on which device models and software version support this feature, please contact Huawei customer service.
  13. Video call resolution may vary depending on network conditions. For more information on which device models support the MeeTime feature in the specific market, please contact Huawei customer service.
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