What's AI Search?

Applicable products: Tablet,Smartphone
Applicable system: EMUI 10.0.1, EMUI 10.1.1, EMUI 9.1.1, EMUI 9.0.1, EMUI 9.0, EMUI 9.1, EMUI 10.0, EMUI 10.1
Applicable products:
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What's AI Search?

AI Search allows you to search for content on your local device, in web pages, and in HUAWEI AppGallery.

For local device searches, you can search for notes, emails, contacts, calendar events, settings, optimizer options, files (audio, video, PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files), and search results in AppGallery. For web searches, you will be redirected to the web pages corresponding to your search.

How to access AI Search:

  1. You can swipe down from the home screen, then touch the search bar at the top of the screen and just enter keywords to start searching.
  2. You can swipe right on the home screen to reach the leftmost screen and access to HUAWEI Assistant∙TODAY screen, and then you can enter the keywords in search bar to begin your searching.

You can also add AI Search widget to your home screen with the following methods:

On the home screen, pinch two fingers to access the screen shown in the following first figure. Touch Widgets, swipe right at the bottom of the screen, then touch AI Search once you find it. You can drag it to your preferred position.

How to move or delete AI Search widget:

On the home screen, touch and hold the AI Search widget until the phone vibrates, then you can touch Remove to delete the widget.

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