Postal Repair Service
  • 1.Data backup and factory reset

    In order to protect your privacy and data security, the software of your device will be reset to its factory settings during the diagnosis and repair process, and all of your personal data and information may be deleted. For this reason, please make sure that you perform the following actions before sending your device for repair: 1. Back up all personal data, including data on external memory cards and delete your device’s access password..2. Remove your SIM and memory cards (if any) and all accessories such as protective cases, keyboard protectors and/or waterproof cases.

    How to back up data?
  • 2.Online application

    1. Register and/or log with your HUAWEI ID. 2. Click the ‘Apply’ button below and follow the instructions to request this postal repair service. Attention: *This service is aimed solely and exclusively at end consumers.
    *If your device is a laptop, PC or monitor, please request this postal repair service through our Email service.

    Click here to see the Terms & Conditions of the postal repair service.
  • 3.Packing and shipping

    1. It is very important that you take clear pictures of your device (full images of front and back)before packing your device.2. Pack your device securely. Using the original packaging is recommended and a copy of the proof of purchase will be required to be shipped in the same box. 3. Print the shipping label received via email and stick it onto the outside of the parcel. 4. Drop your parcel off at your nearest Drop Off location.
    *Please note HUAWEI covers all shipping fees within UK.

    How to pack your device safely and correctly to avoid any damage?
  • 4.Repair and delivery

    1. Your device arrives at our authorised HUAWEI Customer Service Centre and it’s tested and repaired. 2. You can track the status of your repair at any time by logging in with your HUAWEI ID, using your device’s Serial Number (SN) or the phone number registered in your application. 3. Once the repair is completed, your device will be returned to the mailing address you provided.

    Click here to track the status of your repair.
  • 5.Evaluation and feedback

    Once the repair is completed and you have received your device back, we will send you a short satisfaction questionnaire by SMS for you to rate our services. Your feedback is very much appreciated and it will help us to continue improving the services and experience we provide to you.