Postal Repair Service
Postal Repair Service
  • Before Submission

    1. Before submitting a postal repair application, please read our warranty policy and check your warranty period. If your device is found not be covered by our warranty in the inspection, you will be quoted a repair cost by our authorised service centre. You may check the estimate repair costs on our office website for your reference. Please note that, the final repair cost is subject to the quotation sent by the service centre.

    2. It may take up to 14 working days. The duration may be prolonged in special cases, such as waiting for spare parts, holidays, delivery delay due to bad weather, failure to reach the end-user and more.

    3. Please back up the data according to your device type before sending you device :
    * Smartphones/Tablets : Back up the data → disable the search functionlog out the account → Power off→ Remove accessories (ex. SIM/SD card, protection case and etc.)
    *Laptops/Desktops: Back up the dataClear the data → Power off
    *Monitors: If the stand is removable, the stand must be removed from the main display.
    *Watches/Bands: Delete password → Power off; Remove SIM card if there's any.
    *Earphones: Put the two earphones in the charging case and send them for repair together.
    *Routers/Mobile Wi-fi device : Remove SIM card in Mobile wi-fi device.
    Please note that a factory data reset will be carried out on your device and Huawei will be unable to retain any data which you leave on the device when you send it.

    4. Please keep the accessories by yourself after removed, and record the device SN. for repair status checking (How to find the SN ? ).

  • Service Application

    5. Register and/or log with your HUAWEI ID. Apply and follow the instructions to request this postal repair service. Attention:*This service is aimed solely and exclusively at end consumers.
    *If your device is a laptop, PC or monitor, please request this postal repair service through our Email service.

    6. HUAWEI will bear the shipping cost if you live in the UK.

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    Packaging and Shipping

    7. You must pack your device securely and safely to avoid damages. Before you ship the device to us, please follow the instructions below to prevent any damage during transit:
    a)Take images of the packed device inside the box before securely packaging it, as evidence of its condition.
    b)Follow our packaging guideline, use the original retail box and packaging materials. If you don’t have these, pack your device using the box-in-box method.
    c)Stick a “Fragile” label to inform the driver.
    d) Additional packaging instructions for monitors:
    * If the stand is removable, the stand must be removed from the main display, the stand should be separately wrapped in bubble wrap. When placing in the box, do not place the stand on top of the display screen.
    *All 4 corners of the screen must be protected. Wrap the plug in bubble wrap to prevent damage to the screen.
    e) Important:
    *Please be advised that photos will be taken of the product on arrival prior to any repair.
    *Any damage that is caused during transit due to poorly packed products, HUAWEI will not be held liable and a charge to repair the damage will be required.
    *HUAWEI may request photographs of your device and packaging. When supplying photographs to HUAWEI you must ensure that you supply original image files containing the metadata evidencing the date/time of the photograph. Screenshots/compressed/converted files without the original metadata will not be accepted.

    8. After the application is successful, you need to check the waybill by email. Print the shipping label received via email and attach it to the outside of the parcel. Drop your parcel off at your nearest Drop off location within 2 days.

  • Detection and Repair

    9. Usually your parcel will reach our service centre in 2 working days. You will receive a SMS/ e-mail after the service centre received your device. The estimated detection and repair time may take up to 14 working days.

    10. During the process, you can track your repair by using your device SN. If you are not able to check it or there's no result, please contact us for assistance.

    11. Should a repair cost apply, a separate email containing a quote for conducting the repair will be sent, along with any other necessary information to your email address, more details can be found on service centre's website.

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    12. We will return your device by DPD. The estimated time of arrival is about 2 working days.

    13. You will receive a SMS/e-mail once your the device is shipped. You can track your parcel here. If you do not receive the device in 3 days, please contact us for assistance.

    14. If you have received your device damaged, please contact us within 24 hours for assistance.

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    Service Evaluation

    15. Once the repair is completed and you have received your device back, we will send you a short satisfaction questionnaire by SMS for you to rate our services. Your feedback is very much appreciated and it will help us to continue improving the services and experience we provide to you.

    If you have any doubt in the postal repair service, please contact us for assistance.