Postal Repair Service
  • 1. Data backup and factory reset

    In order to protect your privacy, please back up all of your personal data and perform a factory reset before sending your device for repair.
    Remember to remove your SIM and memory cards and/or any protective cases.

    If your device is a router, wearable or accessory, please go directly to the second step.

    How to back up data?
  • 2. Application

    Register and/or log into your HUAWEI ID. Then follow the instructions to request this Postal Repair Service and pack your device along with a copy of its proof of purchase.

  • 3. Repair

    Your device arrives at our Authorised Repair Centre. Please rest assured that only genuine spare parts will be used for your repairs. You can track the status of your repair by logging into your HUAWEI ID or using your device’s Serial Number (SN).

    Click here to track the status of your repair
  • 4. Delivery of device

    Once the repair is completed, your device will be delivered back to the mailing address you provided during the application.

提示:非常抱歉!华为MATEBOOK的X,D,E系列产品目前暂不支持官网自助寄修服务 如需寄修,请联系华为客服400-830-8300