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      Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1.Where can I make an appointment for the smart screen onsite service?
        User can make onsite service appointment via hotline 1800 22 0086 and official website.
      • 2.Which products can enjoy onsite service?
        Malaysia Huawei Vision.
      • 3.Which cities can enjoy onsite service?
        Malaysia nationwide (Free of charge for in warranty repair, onsite fee applied for wall mount rack installation and out of warranty repair) .
      • 4.What is the service policy of Huawei Vision?
      • 5.What are the service standards for onsite installation and installation of Huawei Vision?
        Free of charge seated installation upon delivery of new Huawei Vision.
      • 6.What is the charging standard for onsite mounting and installation services of Huawei Vision after delivery?
        Size Installation and setup
        fee (RM)
        fee (RM)
        inclusive of
        Mileage fee (RM)(per round
        *Subjected to nearest
        service center available of
        Vision service provider
        <50km 51km to 100km >100km
        55 inches 60 130 20 50 0.60/km
        65 inches 60 180 20 50 0.60/km
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      • 1.Please prepare your equipment invoice and warranty card in advance.
      • 2.If you cannot accept the onsite service at the scheduled time, please call the hotline
        in advance to contact customer service.