Whole Home Wi-Fi System

Corner to Corner Wi-Fi

Enjoy uninterrupted access to ultra-fast and full-strength internet coverage anywhere, anytime at your home with the A1 Wi-Fi System from HUAWEI.

Support All Kinds of Internet

Solve coverage issue and enjoy ultra-fast Wi-Fi on all kinds of internet: Fiber, VDSL or 4G. Need to connect to modem / 4G router.

One Network, Seamless Wi-Fi

A1 operates as one network & password in your house to ensure seamless Wi-Fi roaming when you move around.

Low Latency When Gaming

A1 accommodates your needs by automatically switches between 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz dual band channels.

Easy 2-Step Setup

Setup primary router in 2 steps using HiLink application. Sub router will automatically update the information.